Advice for new sellers?

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I'm brand new to this platform. Any advice to getting started? I've posted a few items, but didn't see the shipping feature option. Is that only available to accounts that have been active for awhile, or have built up a specific rating?
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Welcome to the community, @SwedishMel! Happy to have you Smiley Very Happy


We have a TON of tips posted over in our Tips Blog, or scattered throughout these forums. We also have a guide on how to use these forums


I believe to have the shipping option, you need to have a valid email and phone number on file. You can join our TruYou program as well, and that should help you get the shipping feature!

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i have been selling for about a year on this platform.  i have read forum posts.  generally sellers have the same complaints over and over.  i observed that some people DO NOT handle these issues well at all and others have fabulous suggestions.  if U R going to endure my advice is to determine the parameters that U can manage and are willing to manage and DO NOT vary from them.  to me it is important to stay calm and do what works for you. 

determine and state your policies for example: Pick up ONLY or will deliver within 5 miles or Trades considered, Price firm, reasonable offers considered, no holds etc etc.  As you go you'll develop more.   

NO ONE will read your policies but have them.  when people inevitably ask me, i am prepared with keyboard shortcuts.  yy! = yes i still have item. it makes answering a little less painful.  FU! = That is not an acceptable offer. Try Goodwill. Have a nice day.   

1) EVERYONE complains about no shows.  i ONLY arrange meetings for times when i am already available. i dont make special trips or rush home etc etc. i am VERY direct and tell people I will wait 15 minutes from the time YOU specifiedNo shows WILL happen but if I arrange pick up for Sat during laundry time then if they show up great, if they don't whatever.  I live near a place where I can give THAT address as the meeting place. it is close to me and works out well.  i can arrange pick ups at my office, i have that freedom. 

2) People WILL offer you 1/4 your asking price. hey, if i could get away with it I'd try too. i roll my eyes and hit them with that keyboard short cut - FU!  

3) People will ask you then disappear.  the sun will rise tomorrow, get over it. keyboard shortcuts help and treat people how you want to be treated. sometimes i ask out of curiosity, wander into shops with no intention to buy &i dont expect people to yell at me. 

4) i contribute yearly to 2 charities and do volunteer work so sob stories do not affect me.  i make no provision for excuses and begging. serious adult buyers ask genuine questions. you'll develop a sense. 

5) i do not ship - i am a veteran ebayer and O-Up is not developed enough in my opinion for me to ship via this app.

Oh and i ask people to bring the exact amount. i can do Square but decided against it. 


read forum posts from O Up veterans.  there is some great info from other users.  I recently read one on buyers to avoid(?) - individual results may vary but still good stuff. 

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