Art resellers

Level 4
I would like to CAUTION all art resellers, especially those focused on items such as lithographs. It is very difficult to judge a piece through photographs alone, and unfortunately many users can potentially take advantage. So, here's my advice for those of you with beautiful vintage Klein's or really any composer- use a camera not your phone. By using the camera images with higher megapixels you invite more serious buyers. Do NOT let a buyer tell you what your product is worth. Remember, you spent hours (directed to those who take this seriously) and you earned the margin that piece maintained. You can get easy, and free, usps poster size boxes and bubble wrap for something special. But don't sell yourself short- unless you're the artist, you can get a great offer and good things come to those who wait. I would not recommend more than 5 message threads between buyers in this category. People in this field might ask you to lower your price (which you should always attempt to turn to 2 items or more at a discount), but if they are real enthusiast you will not have any issues. Of course, make sure you thoroughly researched your own merchandise! -R
Level 9
Obvious but true.