Avoid the quick bait PhisherMen

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I'm new to this app and someone immediately tried phishing me within 5 minutes after posting my item for sale. They asked if my 'item' was still available (who says only the term 'item'? Wouldn't you name the item in your reply?) Anyway, they asked if I wanted to do a "trade + $25 for my item", but provided no info about what 'item' they were intending to trade. An obviously fake link was provided for me to see the item he was supposedly offering. The bait was set to look like a Facebook login page, stating to have me log into my Facebook account to prove MY identity so that I'd be able to see the item he had for trade. Be on the lookout for this type of slippery phish. The one targeting me was named "Mike" if it matters to anyone.
Still haven't got any bites on my actual item yet though, dang it. Hopefully, I'll soon hear the bell rattle on my fishing pole though; finger crossed!
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About the "Is this item still for sale?" line, that's an automatic reply that Offer Up gives you when you click on "Ask" when purchasing an item. You can choose one of 3 automatic replies or write your own! I use it when buying stuff. I just don't want everyone thinking that's a phishing tactic since it's something the app offers. Always a good idea to be wary of any links though!!! Thanks for the heads up!