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I've noticed majority of buyers always ask the same question when it comes to whatever I'm selling on offerup. Asking "WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS MUCH" or literally just put the dollar amount they're offering. Often I have buyers even pushing it by saying, "I'LL DRIVE TO YOU FOR $5 OFF THE ITEM"'s ridiculous already some certain items I sell for more than half price off!

So honestly, I just don't reply to ANY low offers whatsoever. Or any question in regarding to a lower deal. Simple as that. The buyer will obviously catch on. IF not then I just hide their messages for good 🖒🖒

Hope this helps for anyone who constantly gets low balled 😊😊😊
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I tend to let them know my products are not stolen and I'm not on crack. And I will not consider their drug-induced offers. Thank you and have a great day thanks for shopping and come again... LOL. And I usually don't hear back from them.
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@t_kakugawa there’s definitely trolls and flakes drifting around all the apps for sure, we even get them showing up in the forum sometimes I’m sure. I usually did what you said I didn’t answer back years ago. but one day I actually did a deal with some one that made me a lower offer that I thought was really bad, with some back and forth and agree on my lowest price I was going to take anyways. so I guess you just never know what’s going to happen. and with OfferUp adding profile page information that I use a lot, now if you don’t respond back it shows up on you profile page in how fast I respond.
that can probably affect future sales, I totally get where your coming from,
and feel your frustration as well.
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Yeah that's totally true. I so forgot about that. You get rated on how fast you respond. Thanks for the reminder! 🖒💯
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Very often, as I usually have higher end things.. personally I always respond no matter how crazy the offer is .. but then again some things are better left for a specific page if it's honestly worth it, like some jewelry, if someone wants to buy 5k in jewelry , I'm going to an authorized dealer instead of hoping the poster shows up at the shop for a real appraisal etc. Some.. I should say alot.. offer me half of the already 80 percent off item I'm selling. I offer the absolute lowest I can go..Then no answer. That's when I'd love to be able to rate low ballers , something letting people know they just want to waste our time..