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I usually use computer search well.  But I'm having a problem on OFFERUP.   I want to do something simple.  I want to search MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS for all items including one word:  MARTIN.   If I type in MARTIN without specifying a catagory, I get all listings from ALL catagories, for example, MARTIN boats or shoes.  But if I choose the catagory first, then search for Martin, the search engine does not seem to see the word Martin, rather it returns everything from Musical Instruments.


Step by step, how would I do this simple search,   All ads in Musical Instruments that include the word MARTIN?

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@bbbacres...Your "simple search" does not currently exist on OfferUp.  Your request is equivalent to  "group" search on CL, but OfferUp's search query options are very limited.  There are no exclusionary  word options either.

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@bbbacres We are always looking for ways to improve, and this is great feedback for the Search team. Would it help to search for more keywords in what you are looking for specifically? Say, for example, Martin guitar? 

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I'm glad we want to improve, but what i'm asking for seems so very basic that it should already exist.   The first step is to be able to search for a word within a catagory.  That would not seem so hard.    Then the next would seem to be to have an OR function: mustang OR camaro.   Then the third would be to exclude words:  Gibson but not refrigerator or Gibson -refrigerator.  But the first one above seems to be the most important and most basic.  Will someone who works on the app actually see our discussion?

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@bbbacres..The actual coding/progamming to bring your search request to fruition is no simple task.  It is not that OfferUp has not thought about it, as its #1 competitor has an advanced search query refinement system, but it  literally takes 1000's of hours of coding to make functional.

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@bbbacres your ideas would definitely benefit members, being a seller and buyer myself. I’m sure the OfferUp search team. really appreciate all of the advice we as members give that will improve the searching experience.
for me thanks for sharing. 😊
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BS:  1000's of hours to add an exclusion to a sql statement.  lol 

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apparently you aren't a programmer. It's not that much work to play with like / ilike queries in sql for this to work. They just don't want to do it.

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I agree absolutely.. 

All we need is this:


A - in front of the word EXCLUDES the word. Parenthesis "item" is a must in clude word..

So if a user wanted martin guitar he would write "martin" "guitar" - its a very linear approach that doesnt do a string match but rather a word priority that changes from or to and during the searching. if he didnt want acoustic, he could add -acoustic.

I agree, this is something I would have imagined would be there from the start. Ebay / Craigslist/ebay - they all have it.

Really would not be too hard to implement - we the community anxiously await the new upgrade! Smiley Happy

Offerup ROCKS - arguably the gr8est thing out there. We've bought/sold more in 6 months than 3 yrs combined.

Also - is it possible to add the greencard feature? I am still passing drivers tests (not that the tru you really has any real impact-i still buy/sell all the time), just a thought..

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I ended up here after searching Google for some help using the offerup search. I would like to think that the people that run this would like the're users to have at least a plesant experience on this site. Personally I would like to search for a cell phone, anything that isn't an iphone, but alas that is not possible. and its made my experience frustrating to say the least. I don't like being pushed, I don't think anybody does. I can handle being influenced , and prodded here and there, I expect it. Thats marketing and I understand that. But the minute I feel like your making me do something I don't want to do, you can proverberally Kiss My *ss. My momma used to tell me, you can catch more flies with honey...She's still right. Come on offerup get a clue.