Be very aware of scammers

Level 2
So I’ve noticed quickly that people who haven’t Been verified on offerup or have never made a purchase are usually scammers. Just recently over the last week I’ve had 2 run ins with these scammers. I’ve learned this much from those encounters. 1) never give out any information at all about yourself (email,phone number etc) 2) if they don’t want to deal through offerup for any reason avoid them 3) if they want to pay/receive payment through any other app other than offerup stop and report them 4) if you’ve been told you have funds waiting through another app because you agreed to use outside apps for payment contact the customer service department immediately to find out if things are true or false so you can cancel and recover anything before it completely disappears 5) if your sending a package out and you are asked to pay for shipping due to funds being held until goods have been received remember you can always do a package intercept through your usps provider for a small fee to have your goods sent back to you without losing both money and your belongings 6) be smart, trust your gut, and remember your in no rush to make a sale rushing and moving quickly on potential buyers/sellers can cause you to make bad decisions which will cost you quickly 7) verified offerup members are mostly better buyers/sellers than random people with no verification at all, pay attention, deal only through the app, and feel out the person before moving forward sometimes buying time will force scammers to move onto their next potential victim. 8) don’t be afraid to report anyone who is trying to force you to go outside the app or requesting unusual things at all. 9) most of these scammers target specific items like electronics, jewelry, etc especially when it’s freshly posted be aware that the responses you get immediately are probably scammers trying to take quick advantage of you. Just a few things I’ve learned over the last week buying and selling goods. I hope this info has helped everyone. Keep your eyes open and personal information closed!!!! There are hawks everywhere waiting and watching.... good luck everyone and stay smart and safe!!!
Level 1
Lord knows it’s getting really bad out there. Especially with iPhones recently