Blocking a user question

Level 1
I’ve already blocked a certain local user, hoping that I wouldn’t see his posts on my feed. That didn’t work. Nothing against this guy but he has over 5000 active posts, all similar items (sports cards) I have no interest in. Every time I open OfferUp I have to scroll through hundreds of his posts to view local items for sale and I’m starting to believe it just isn’t worth it. Please tell me there’s a way to eliminate his posts from my feed
Level 9
There unfortunately isn't an option for this at this time.

When you block and report a person for spam you'll still see the ads until OfferUp takes action.

The only thing that a block does is you can't contacy each other.
Level 1
I agree. It’s annoying having to sift though all the coin dealers, and furniture stores, and pawn shops, and car dealerships just to find the unicorns. Welcome to the internet!