Buyer: I need help with a refund

Long story short. I purchased an item and when it arrived, it was a counterfeit. The same day I received it I filed a claim with Offerup. I got a message stating that a Senior Payments Specialist will contract me. During this time, the seller admitted to me he knows nothing about the product and “got it as a gift”. He is also willing to give me a refund. It’s been over 6 days and I haven’t heard from anyone. What is going on? How long does this process take? If the seller if being cooperative shouldn’t this issue be resolved already? Someone please help me.
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@Mj_206 may be able to escalate your case.

Check your spam folder for any possibly lost messages.

We are all users much like yourself, at the end of the day you will need to wait for a reply or ask for an update there.
@Mj_206 If you can please help me escalate this.

@goblin I have checked my spam and there are no messages at all.
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Hi there @KonkreteKhaos - welcome to the community!

We'll make sure this gets escalated Smiley Happy

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Thank you @Mj_206 I hope to get this resolved quickly.
@Mj_206 Out of curiosity how long does this process normally take? 2 weeks?
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@KonkreteKhaos It could depend based on the number of inquiries they are working through, but I'll make sure they know you're waiting for a response.