Buyer protection steals from the seller.

Level 3
So if a buyer decides to use the buyer protection option, and you happen to have selected the "fast pay" option.

Not only do you have to wait for the package to arrive, but a 2-day wait for inspection of the item. And the best part, you still get burned being charged the fast pay fee.

So the process was not thoroughly mapped out or OfferUp hopes you don't notice and keeps the money. And again, the seller is burned.

Way to go OfferUp...
I spoke with offerup about this issue last week. It has something to do with the $50 increment. They didn’t care for my pitch, I would lower my prices to less than $50 in order to get paid quicker, resulting in increased sales and profits for offer up. Management is dragging their feet due to an obvious Pandora’s box.
Too much gray area for a company that operates in the US. CS hours should be posted if unavailable on weekend. And I am awaiting the day that someone relevant challenges offerup’s “fastpay” in court. A percentage of our losses will be mailed by some chop shop attorneys office as there’s no way they will win in court.
And that’s not a threat as I’m not relevant 🤪... until I lose over $100 to this misleading process.