Buyers Ghosting! Please help!!!

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~ Listed 8x10' rug (actually really decent condition) for free. I just want someone to take it.

~ I don't post address in item listing for safety reasons. the less people who have my address the better

~ got sooo many "is this still available" and "i would like to buy your ...." messages

~respond to first one

~ set up pick up time

~they are running late

~ my husband and i have to leave so we carry the tied up rug out the front door, down the 20+ stairs, and place it in front of the garage so the buyer can just grab it when they get there since it's free.

~ messaged buyer informing them we did so

~buyer never replies and never shows

~ move to next person

~ everything is great and they seem interested.

~ i give the address and tell them where they can find it (we aren't lugging this item back upstairs to wait for the next meeting time. it's free! just come and take the darn thing!)

~ no show

~ i asked if they were ever planning on coming

~ their response: "No thought someone would pass for it if it was out there thank u tho" (uuh..What?? What does that even mean?)


~ this person has messaged me twice now asking if it's still available and even a "hello?" clearly they must be serious...

~ i ask if they are still interested since it's been awhile

~ "yes." "thank you" "where do i go?"

~ i give the address

~ they never reply and never show

~ same EXACT story for the next one!!!

Seriously what the heck people?! I'm lost! What am I supposed to do? I've got like 20 people, no joke, who have messaged me now for it but this keeps happening to me! I'm about ready to mark it as sold and just take it to my local donation center! I was really trying to avoid the loaded trip but this has just become too frustrating!!!! I regret listing it for free! I was just trying to be nice and keep things simple. Well THAT backfired! Can anyone explain? are there people out there who spam the free category just wanting addresses? What's the deal? Anyone else have this happen to them?
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I completely understand. I have recieved plenty of those. I was messaged by someone who wanred several items. Was just down the road and told me she would be a few minutes. Changed her mind and told me that it was too far while I was standing there with a grocery bag full of stuff. Unfortunately, all you can do is report and block those users.
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Having posted an item for free, just once, I can tell you that it is NOT WORTH IT. 200 messages, nobody shows up or responds back

Leave it on the curb, it will be gone in minutes, its not worth your time. If you can't curb it, donate it
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I get the exact same thing. Luckily so far nothing bad has happened. My suggestion would be that Offer Up amend their rules and/or policies and make a NEW rule that Offer Up takes reports of Excessive Flaking serious and let the buyers/flakers know what can eventually happen to their account if it continues. For example John Doe flakes me. I'll be able to click the "flake button" to report it. No big deal if it was a fluke or a couple of times. Then Jon Doe over a month or so flakes 5 or more Sellers. They also click the "Flaked" button. The Moderators on Offer Up will ve able to see the continual pattern of flakes and possibly warn them and / or suspend their account. I don't know... it's just a suggestion. Everyone flakes here and there but too much can raise my suspicion.
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This is my problem now. I give up on all internet sales sites. Better sitting item in driveway with a sign
I say 3 flakes your out. Strike 3 system lol
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Yes... being ghosted can leave anyone quite annoyed & frustrated!
Since I am a regular poster on the FREE category, for those in need.
Have found no issues with members following through. I will usually schedule 1 interested member, then have 1 or 2 backups waiting if they are a no-show. Then, will continue running errands in the area until the next interested member shows. Win/Win! GLTU! Ciao´

@alexander766 wrote:
I say 3 flakes your out. Strike 3 system lol

i can agree with this.. or another idea if soe some reaosn mods and admin dontfeel banning people is good idea cuz money i guess?   


add a flake rate % in profile and have flake rate appear in chat for other party not the flake that they have a high flake rate, dont give hopes up.. more they flake the higher percentage.  obviously have a system of forgiveness and appeals incase some abuse of system..