Buyers who don’t drive or have transportation

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I just started selling and I’ve had a few buyers wanting to know if I will drive the item to them because they don’t drive.  I really don’t mind meeting somewhere in between, depending on what I’m selling and how far it is.  Still, I have some wanting me to drive 40 miles in traffic to bring them a $20 item.  I know some people do not have cars but what are your thoughts on this?

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Selling: I charge them for gas if I bring it
Buying: offer gas money if they will bring it.
I hate driving🤣
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@Kiwi1228--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! Although some people don't drive, & you may not mind driving some to meet them, be realistic on what works for you, & perhaps ask for gas money if your going to drive the item to the person.

If the item your selling is $20, & you drive it to the person, even though they pay you the $20, you're going to be out of money out of your own pocket for the distance you're traveling. Some buyers have admitted to me they just don't want to travel the distance. Meanwhile you travel the 40 miles, when they can just as easily buy the item or a similar item in their own city at a store. The key is to weigh the factors before you invest your own time and money into a sale. Thanks so much for your time and feedback!!
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Well yes, but regardless of what the price of the item is you should be reimbursed for your travel. I have payed people twice the offer to travel and bringing the item I want. And if your selling something and they want it delivered simply tell them the price you are willing to deliver it don't have to bite the cost of it. if they want it that bad they will give what your asking, if not someone else will come along and be interested. it has worked for me over the course of the last 4 years and in 2 different states.
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I typically have them come to me if they live in a different city than me. If they dont have transportation, I counter with I dont have transportation either and have to meet up within walking distance from my house. Typically they think twice and read the description before they message me on any other items.