Buying and Selling with FCFS or upfront Payment/Down Payments

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As Seller I have learned that posting FCFS in a listing or when listing a item that if you don’t want to loose potential buyers because of one that for whatever reason can’t purchase your item right away and you hold it in good faith for them only to disappear on you resulting in the other potential buyers moving on or buying another item instead I always list items First Come First Serve (FCFS) this way if a buyer is serious they will make arrangements to get the item ASAP. Now with that said if I have agreed to sell to someone and they have stated they are in route or we have agreed on a set time I do not sell the item out from under them and make sure to allow a reasonable amount of time from them to show up, if we agreed on 3:00 but it’s 3:10 I may message them to make sure they are still on their way and take into consideration things happen and may give some wiggle room and hold till 4:00 but don’t be fooled some will say they are coming and make excuse after excuse taking advantage of you patience and kindness so always set a limit I can’t count how many times I’ve been burned due to sob stories and giving people in rough situations the benefit of the doubt, and have learned they won’t care as much as you more times than not if you loose a sale and your time. So even when given sad stories now I explain that I’ve been burned in the past holding items and it’s nothing personal but I have to stick to FCFS or offer them to pay ahead for an item or pay a % of the value upfront as a down payment/good faith payment for me to hold it, which someone serious about buying it will do this way you give someone who might not be able to get there right away due to work schedules or for whatever reason the same opportunity to purchase it without running the risk of them never showing up and you stuck holding the said item. That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally bend a little on my own rule, and still get burned or the sale happens for doing so, but thought I’d offer the bit of advice that’s helped me weed out the bad apples that ruin it for others, and get my items sold. Hope this helps others also a tip to Buyers since for me I have many times offered to pay sellers upfront by PayPal if I know I can’t make it right away for items I’m serious about but know will go fast, but be careful doing so since your paying them upfront in good faith with no guarantee they are as honest as you are and won’t disappear with your money. For that reason I never make high dollar purchases up front and if it’s an expensive item only offer to make a down payment so if they do end up being dishonest I haven’t lost out on a large amount.
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@JMAY151 Thank you so much for sharing your advice with us! Smiley Happy

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I’m super entirely 1000000% over making written (binding) agreements with sellers, as a buyer, and then being told oh I’m actually going to sell it to joe blow so if he doesn’t get it then I’ll Message you again. I mean what in the actual hell...... I made a legit offer. We haggled. We both agreeed to a set price and I’m on my way home from work to head straight to the location in which you (the seller) decided upon... then I’m getting messages like oh sorry. Yeah I’m not agreeing to sell my item for that price. I have even got idiots whom say I’ve gotten a better offer so basically your Up a creek without the canoe I promised to sell you. There has to be a way offer up can stop sellers from receiving messages once a price is agreed upon and a deal is made. there should be like an hour wait time/ grace period for a seller to pick up the item and no one else can swindle the merchandise because they offered to pay more than the price you negotiated with the seller and he/she agreed on.
Listen I’m a fair practical person. Of course I want more money for my items but being a big seller and buyer on this app. But when I make an agreement with someone no matter if I’m offered more money I go in order of offer and if an item is already pending pick up I won’t take the offer for more money and just cancel on the person who Is coming to buy.. there needs to be protection for the consumer and written agreements on items need to be upheld in a small claims court the messages serve documentation and will be upheld if legal action is sought out. I’m seriously furious
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Setting up and THEN selling to someone else?

I'm sure his intent was also to maybe push you to say "I'll give you 13$ more than what he's offering."

I feel you... I've traveled for 2h just to have the seller say, nah bro I sold it to someone else.

Even in person someone tried to make me pay extra because another person messaged him late with a 10$ extra offer.


While money does speak, them trying to make you bid like an auctioneer with a little plastic paddle w/ more $ written on it is ridiculous.

"Sold! To the gentleman in the back with the green shirt."

People need to at least learn the difference between this app and eBay, sheesh.

I think flaky sellers are less common though.

I've been blocking any seller with this kind of mentality.

This is the only solution, it's no worth getting stressed over it.


Don't think I've ever seen the acronym FCFS

I think the unfortunate thing is first come first serve means different things to different people — or they are willing to flake on you for an extra 5$ which defeats their position on the subject.
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Thank you so much for your insight. I only wish that I would have read it prior to listing my bed frame for sale. Having previously listed it on another site without any interest, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of interest that I have received from this site. However when I list another item in the future I will be sure to utilize your FCFS tactic. I refused several sales of this item yesterday waiting to hear back from the first people who inquired about the item. Only to hear back that the person had accidentally sent me an inquiry. By the time I spoke with the second person it was too late for them to pick the item up until this afternoon. In the meantime I have no less than 10 other people wanting the item, some even offering more money than the asking price. But I am trying to treat the buyers the way that I would want to be treated.