Crazy crap I have seen & experienced on here - A Midnight Tale

While browsing around the app..some memories popped into my head..

I've been with this app since it first started, long having forgotten my old profile (due to some of these incidents). I can honestly say I've had both good & bad experiences, while some were rather unnerving. Let's start with number 1..

1.The Christmas Lurer..

It was two days before Christmas, early in the morning. I recieved a message from a buyer claiming to want to buy a men's ball cap. It didn't seem unusual at all - a Ballcap. Ok--sure. The messages were sporadic. The user finally asking to meet at Walmart. Ok--That's fine

It was around 9pm when I got there. The buyer w was nowhere to be seen. We waited for around 15 minutes, then left. We went to the mall (they were having late shopping hours due to the Holidays). We poked around the mall, handling our own shopping. Soon, I recieved another text, with the buyer claiming to have gotten busy at a family thing.

They ask once more to meet for the cap. "We can meet you at Walmart, inside at McDonald's." I replied. "No, I can't go that far. Can you meet at the flea market? I can be there at 10pm." Uh--Hell no. I replied with a firm response, "inside McDonalds at Walmart only".

The "buyer" continued to plead with me to come to the flea market. Keep in mind..its 10pm in December, two days prior to Christmas. The flea market is shut down from October on til April. No lights, no one around. It definently dinged my instincts.

The buyers insistence & growing frustration, plus the location they requested to me was a big glaring red flag. There was no reason they could not have met at a more public place, with lights & other people around. They insisted, no matter where I offered, that they meet at that old abandoned flea market.

I had been to it before in the was in the middle of nowhere, & there were no lights. I was certainly not dumb enough to meet up with them. I assume the "buyer" was a catfish who figured they could lure a seller out there & rob them. I can see no other point to it. I ended up reporting the individual on the app & the local police, but nothing came of it
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@MidnightAntiqui   Sure Glad you stuck to your good sense. It’s sad people do this kind of thing. Let me be the first to say great job. Happy selling and buying. Take care.