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Hey Guys,

I know we've all come across the magicians who love to make offers, agree to meet, then vanish like Carmen Sandiego. Gets annoying doesn't it? Well, I'm here to share a couple tips on how I get around these jokers who like to play games and get more serious buyers pouring in.

if you're selling a higher priced item, and a buyer is serious about meeting, they'll usually send their home or work location address if theyre on duty. This is a sign of a serious buyer. Avoid the scary type who want you to meet them in the middle of nowhere that's way out of your way. Youre risking being stood up as well as going out your way for a possible low ball situation. Control the deal. If you go directly to their home or job they'll more than likely be there. Opposed to driving to the boonies somewhere and risk being stood up with no back up plan because youre way out the way. Dont play yourself. Have them come to you if you feel like their playing games. If they dont show up, then guess what? You just saved gas and time. Because they wouldnt have showed up had you met them somewhere. Always trust your gut on this. And always be safe when meeting. Avoid dark alleys, late times, and going alone. Have a friend or relative with you always.

If they vanish once, they'll often vanish twice. Plus, standing up a buyer, or not replying to messages is the ultimate form of unprofessionalism and it should never be tolerated. So if a buyer leaves you hanging after agreeing to meet, and if you follow up with them and they dont reply within 24 hours? report them for missing the meeting or not responding to messages and block them from messaging you again later to waste even more of your precious time.


- Now, before you hit that good ol' Dikembe Mutumbo button, take time to message the buyer to see if they're able to meet immediately. Sometimes things do come up that requires no explanation. Understandable. But if this buyer doesn't respond like "hey Im sorry for missing our meeting, can I come pick the item up this evening after work?" Accept the buyers apology and offer. But if they DONT respond within 24 hours? Or they reply with some bogus message like "my bad lemme think about it" then go ahead and block them. No need to do business with buyers who rather play games and waste your time. But always follow up with buyers who left you hanging, you sometimes can still make a transaction. But dont fall for the okey doke twice. Make them meet you that day. Or block em.

I hope these tips help guys! Good luck!

- DK
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Additionally, if they wish that I hold a particularly desired or exspensive item for more than a few days, I insist that they send me 10% through cashapp, and pay the remainder in person. No problems with the ones who are genuinely invested in a product.
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What about confirmed sellers no shows. Seller & I had agreed on day, time & place 2 days in advance. After 4+ hours I finally get response to my messages inquiring about our meeting. Am sent 4 messages with 2 different lame excuses. Shouldn’t buyers be able to rate this situation?
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"Shouldn’t buyers be able to rate this situation?"

I'd say no, just report and block them.
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Report and block: Yes
Rate flakes: also yes

What’s the point of 5star profiles when a good chunk of them still turn out to be just as sketch

You know there are flaws with the rating system when it’s either no star, 1 star or 5 fives. Rarely will you find anything in between.
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Great idea 💡
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Thanks. Will do
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The rating system should be removed (for transparency...I have full 5 stars), until OU makes it more difficult to make additional accounts and "shill" each other.


Having the option to down rate flakes is not the solution, as these flakes can just make another account in under 3 mins. Flakes will always be around on every selling platform. There are less of them on eBay because there are financial/legal consequences, but they do get a few chances and the accounts get banned.


I think the problem will solve itself when OU starts charging listing fees, as OU will be forced to protect sellers.

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As for meeting at their residence, I don't recommend that.
I only agree to meet up at a public place for security reasons of course.
You stand more of a chance to get scammed or even robbed where their are no witnesses or cameras.