Delayed Postings

Level 9

"It seems like they pick and choose who they want and who’s items they want to sell"

Sometimes a bot may flag a post by mistake and overlook others.

If you see other users breaking posting guidelines, report the item.

Just because they're up, doesn't mean they're allowed.

Your specific item falls in a gray area.

I suppose it can be classified as a utility tool (not knife)

I would contact support to get a second opinion and get the post reinstated if allowed.


What are you posting?

Maybe you were ghosted / soft banned for a rule break you may be unaware of.

For me and I'm sure everyone else posting is immediate.

Either it's a server issue or the above.

I take it, all your items are visible under Offers?
Level 3
Actually I am only posting mostly baby and kids stuff. I thought I was replying to a guy who was selling a knife and had the same posting issue. Now my problem is getting an error when trying to rate a buyer.
Level 1
No I wasn’t ghosted it was just that it wasn’t allowed but I am upset because I see machetes and huge illegal knifes on here and they weren’t banned so I don’t know it seems there are a lot of people that are allowed to post those kind of things but some who aren’t I’m guessing because I had this guy who has been posting for years use my picture and post it because he never gets blocked and it worked perfect for him he has it on his so I believe it is just older members are favored and can do more stuff that isn’t supposed to be allowed and all stays hush hush
Community Manager

Hi there, @WackamoleOlder members are not favored in any way - just because you see others posting items that are listed on our Prohibited Items Guideline doesn't mean that they were allowed to Smiley Happy If you come across any posts that are a part of this list, go ahead and report them so that our Care team can get them removed.

Level 1
I appreciate you giving an honest answer when I got an answer from OfferUp employee they told me that we are not going to help you that I need to just get over it and I have screenshots of their emails and they said that we are not going to approve my appeal even though I wasn’t even asking for an appeal I was only telling them what I told you so they were extremely rude and disrespectful to me
Level 1
And now they blocked my Account so I cannot even use my account that’s not even right so just because I ask a question that they don’t want to answer they stop me from selling stuff that’s wrong I hope everyone reads this and sees just how wrong they did me
Level 1
They obviously read my message because they fixed my account I don’t understand why they blocked me in the first place I didn’t break any rules I only asked a question is that wrong if you don’t ask questions you’ll never know the answers so you guys just block anyone who asks something that isn’t normally asked? It’s just not morally correct to do this to people when they aren’t breaking any rules but thanks for unblocking me or unghosting me whatever they call it