Delivery Attempt Held at Post Office, At Customer Request

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I have been tracking the item I shipped to my buyer, and the USPS site says Delivery Attempt, Held at Post Office, At Customer Request. I did not request this, so I am assuming it is the buyer. What does this mean in regards to my payment? I know the timer starts at time of delivery, but if it's not technically delivered I'm not sure the next step. What is the policy / standard around this situation? I read buyers cannot return items if they don't fit or they change their mind, and I worry the buyer may be using this method to try and back out of the agreed transaction. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
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Calling in and going into your post is the best option currently.

They do ask for and ID that matches the package, so it should be no problem.

If they don't want to release the package for whatever weird reason contact support then ask the seller to call in to the USPS and see what they tell you.
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Thank you for your reply, but I am the seller. I shipped from Arizona to PA, and now the buyer asked the post office to hold the package.
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Oh I see, have you talked to the buyer? What has he told you? Has it been long, perhaps he can't pick it up now?
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@jemsplace Hey I’m curious about what happened with this transaction? I had shipped a package over the weekend and it was due to be delivered by Monday the 24th to the customer. But the tracking says the package was held at post office at customers request. I waited a day and then messaged the buyer asking if this was something they were aware of. Just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake or perhaps they forgot about their package. It’s been a few hours and I haven’t received a reply and my payment will stay pending until it’s been marked delivered.
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Hi there @AR26. It turned out the buyer was traveling and the package delivery attempt was before they had a chance to remove the hold and receive mail again. We worked out details via DM and all turned out fine after a few days.