Do people scam to get personal information?

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Someone responded to my post stating her husband was interested and email him asap. I did. He promptly replies stating he cannot pick up but has a personal delivery person, so, mark sold and give my name, address, and phone number and he will mail certified funds with additional $50 holding the item. I replied with a PayPal and CashApp suggestion and he never replied back. Were they trying to scam me? If so, why?
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yup, 100% scam. glad you didn’t fall for it.
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HI @MamaDee1 welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sounds like it was probably a scam.

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Hi there, @MamaDee1! We recommend keeping any conversations within the app. This way, you don't have to give out your personal info! Smiley Happy

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@MamaDee1, 100% fake.
I give them fake address from throwaway email with phone number to FBI branch office. Smiley Very Happy
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Yup, they were trying to get your info. I hate to say this but maybe being a little paranoid isn't necessarily a bad thing. For example, I used to warn people not to put mail in street mailboxes after pickup hours & instead go directly to the post office. People thought I was being paranoid. Well guess what? In my neck of the woods right now, people are either breaking into the mailboxes or fishing out the mail. They then wash the checks and commit check fraud. I could see the potential of this crime from the getgo. Seriously, you just can't put anything past people, so be very protective of your personal info-scamming and ID theft is at an all time high.

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@ Dad's Tired LOL. That's a good one!
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@MamaDee1 yes 100% scam!