Do you sell more on Offerup or Letgo?

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I personally have never used Letgo so for me Offerup is the best way to go.
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I still sell way more on Craigslist. OfferUp is not even close, unfortunately. LetGo is even worse.
I was selling expensive item recently - iMac and I got insane amount of low ball offers here. Craigslist buyers were much closer to my offer price and it eventually sold on Craigslist. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or it’s just different crowd here.
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I experience be same thing, I like using OfferUp and Letgo more because of the simplicity, OfferUp I use more because there’s more people, at least I think so, I’m my area using this app and for some reason they’re more responsive than on Letgo. But I do agree, I get insane amount of lowballs and trolls on here, tho it’s annoying that’s ok cuz it’s not like I waste all that much time texting them. I tend to use Craigslist more for things like furniture or whatever I have to eventually give my address out for because people seem to be more serious on there, and if I’m giving out my address I can’t waste time or take those risks. I think people on Craigslist are more serious because emailing is still more of an effort. OfferUp simplicity is awesome but that also means it’s easy for trolls as well...
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Offer up for sure! At first I had letgo and id have customers here and there, but then I got offer up and I have customers everyday. I stopped using letgo because I honestly am satisfied already with offerup.
OfferUp is my second best seller. Although I enjoyed always because I have found so many item for a great price. Check me out too, I have great things for sale, you will connect with me on Everyones Closet. Thanks
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Ive had better experience with letgo faster response and no low ballin there but here couple low ballers so i put it in description shoot me an offer no low balling please thanks lol seems to work fine...👍😎📈😀✌
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Hi @davis2909 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Craigslist was the best at first free platform for selling and buying, yes it still has big issue with trolls and scammers of all kinds, just like letgo and OfferUp and don’t forget Close5 that sold out to the new EBay app. I found in the beginning OfferUp app was for me the best, Close5 was second, letgo at the bottom of the barrel, with the most trolls, now there’s so many trolls and scammers it’s really getting harder to sell or buy items, at least OfferUp is adding new features like what’s on people’s profile page to help people make their decisions. but we all can’t just look at the information and not give the new members a chance as well to sell or buy items, because they don’t have ratings yet, yes I understand it a risk but we all started that way. we all need to keep that in mind when we get messages from honest new members. Ok I know get back to what the question was in the thread lol, for me I use what ever platforms are selling my items the best at any given time, but OfferUp is usually the one that stands out above the others, with getting more action and buyers.
It also depends on what kind of items your selling/pricing, and locations for what time of year some items sell better than other items.
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I watched letgo become a wasteland. I used to prefer it actually-- offer up brought skinny stoner kids who lied to your face and let go brought some genuine, neighborly people. I still remember and appreciate some of the people i met and sold to on letgo. I also got a free 1970's conn prelude organ on there. 👍

Anyway, i slowly watched it turn to a dump, first I stopped recieving offers, then all offers were. "Yo wanna trade fa' bud", and they were not referencing budding geraniums. i recieved a lecture from an old man once about caring for rabbits, I donr own rabbits.. It was strange. Soon multiple perverted men began harassing me, and full grown women decided it was a treat to attempt to scam me..
So, I would say Offer up is much nicer now! It seems to have improved a lot and the reviews and truyou stuff helps, people are generally alright, not quite as neighborly as the olden days on let go, and though I have met some interesting characters, I have not found myself excessively disturbed. Some offer up sellers do seem to have a huge focus on money money money money money, and come off a bit less than neighborly, but what can you do? I still use both platforms but make more sales in offerup, I used to multi-post, depending on the item, etsy (before they banned me 😟), eBay, Craigslist (never made many sales, ourside of electronics and art) let go and offerup, then sometimes, I found myself able to afford the name brand milk. 😉
OfferUp over letGO and Craigslist..