Don't scare people away from buying your items

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I agree but also think that the app should implement a few changes that would give the buyer or seller a feedback based rating-system, which should be required for all transactions, and also optional for all communications between offer up users. Not only could a change like this help eliminate many of the issues or concerns that are posted in this forum everyday, it would also encourage better communication skills between buyers and sellers. An example would be for sellers to have the option to rate a scheduled buyer as a no show, which would be counted in a set of statistics viewable by other users. With a reputation to uphold, many of the flakes, pervs and late nighters will likely change if they truly intend on using the app for its intended purpose. This would be a reliable tool for all users to buy and sell items safely, which is offer up's highest priority.
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I have been guilty myself of responding at late or early hours but my situation and thought is.. situation/ I get cramps and constant pain wake up on and off thru the night ..I get on my sites and write a response and thinking ...when they wake up for the day they will check and then respond back at their's not out of inconsideration..or anything else ..I try to redirect my attention off the pain until I can fall back to sleep ..just a different point of view ..hope it may help..

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That seller really sounds sketchy, I am glad you didn't buy from him, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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I’ve done a couple sales at night, I live in LA and the buyers were willing drive just not through the all the traffic, sometimes I try to meet up to buy items at night as well but I always ask the seller if they’re comfortable with the time and place if please feel free to set another time, being that it’s strangers meeting strangers, it can feel very sketch, so I always make sure the other person is comfortable with the situation and at the same time I stay in my comfort zone just to keep everybody safe. It’s all about communication. The good thing about this app and letgo is that it’s easy to communicate so it works when both sides are responsive
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It is good advise to try not to scare people off, and at the same time to be very careful of buyers and sellers contacting in the middle of the night to meet up.
I completely agree with your opinion its not just because your a Women...It is wisdom!!!

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First off I'd like to say that yes people wanting to make late night transactions doesn't automatically make them tweekers or criminals that's a nasty stereotype and to lump everyone into it is wrong because I have found people have a variety of reasons for wanting to make purchase late. Just the other day I had a woman message me around 10pm wanting to purchase a small bench I made. I asked when she wanted to pick it up and she asked if she could after she got off work at midnight. Because she lived 35 miles away and would be easier to pick up on way home. I said yes and it was fine. Then there are people who are just afraid that if they don't pick up an item right away then the seller might sell it to someone else before they meet. I get tat because that sort of thing happens a lot around here. Sellers setting up a meet with a buyer only to not show or message saying the sold it to so!done else. Don't get me wrong there are creeps out there but I don't think its fair to label all people who are night owls as druggies or criminals 😀👍

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It's sort of a give and take when communicating with potential buyers and sellers. We each live very different live with schedules that may be opposite from the next guy out there. Timing is everything it seems if we want to go home with a hand full of cash or that item you just scored on. Let's all just keep it friendly but above all else lets all be safe.

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I do most of my offers at night andbove been surprised at how many folks out there get down right angry at the idea of meeting after 8 pm. It's silly to assume we all work a day shift or are in bed by sundown. It can be just as risky in day time to meet up . Creeps walk the streets on the daylight to. In fact the volume is greater than late after dark if you consider there's so many who are out when it's light and vert few people out at night.

@Frankiej Yeah, this guy sounds sketchy as all get out and I'm glad you declined to buy from him. There are other fish (and digital cameras) in the sea.


In more general terms, I can't agree with a strict "don't meet anyone after dark" rule, because here in the Pacific NW, "after dark" on December 21 is 4:30 in the afternoon. Flip side of the same coin, there are some people I wouldn't want to meet in the full daylight of 9:30 at night on June 21.


I'm another night owl/insomniac, and I nearly sent a seller an inquiry* at 4:00 this morning; but stopped myself because I was afraid I'd come off like a weirdo. And while I might message you at 4:00 am, I would never ask you to meet me in the middle of the night. 


(*Yes, your item is "large," but is it 8 inches large or 18 inches? I need one that's 12".)

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I agree it's not good to meet after midnight. I'll sell up until 10pm if needed.

I do typically respond late. This is simply because i work the swing shift and I'm up after work. I also sleep late. I get a lot of responses to offers very early in the morning and between that and work I dont always get back quickly. I can also be pushy. Not because I'm hard up for the sale but its difficult for me to sell on the days I work so I prefer to sell on my days off. I work weekends so selling on which ever week days I have off is limited. I also dont post unless I'm off the next day or that same day.
If someone sends a message wanting to buy something my first response is always when would you like to pick up? I'm straight to business, no time to waste... if someone ask me a question I'll answer it. If another interested buyer comes along and I've had someone inquire I'll ask if they're still interested before moving on. I've made over 100 sales and 30+ buys in under 4 months.

I just wanted to give a different perspective on some of the things the OP said it her post.