Don't scare people away from buying your items

Level 2
I agree but also think that the app should implement a few changes that would give the buyer or seller a feedback based rating-system, which should be required for all transactions, and also optional for all communications between offer up users. Not only could a change like this help eliminate many of the issues or concerns that are posted in this forum everyday, it would also encourage better communication skills between buyers and sellers. An example would be for sellers to have the option to rate a scheduled buyer as a no show, which would be counted in a set of statistics viewable by other users. With a reputation to uphold, many of the flakes, pervs and late nighters will likely change if they truly intend on using the app for its intended purpose. This would be a reliable tool for all users to buy and sell items safely, which is offer up's highest priority.
Level 3

I have been guilty myself of responding at late or early hours but my situation and thought is.. situation/ I get cramps and constant pain wake up on and off thru the night ..I get on my sites and write a response and thinking ...when they wake up for the day they will check and then respond back at their's not out of inconsideration..or anything else ..I try to redirect my attention off the pain until I can fall back to sleep ..just a different point of view ..hope it may help..

Level 4
That seller really sounds sketchy, I am glad you didn't buy from him, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Level 6
I’ve done a couple sales at night, I live in LA and the buyers were willing drive just not through the all the traffic, sometimes I try to meet up to buy items at night as well but I always ask the seller if they’re comfortable with the time and place if please feel free to set another time, being that it’s strangers meeting strangers, it can feel very sketch, so I always make sure the other person is comfortable with the situation and at the same time I stay in my comfort zone just to keep everybody safe. It’s all about communication. The good thing about this app and letgo is that it’s easy to communicate so it works when both sides are responsive