Don't scare people away from buying your items

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Ppl can be ridiculous when trying to ask to meet up to sell something at 12 am or any hour after dark! I've had that myself 🤦🏼‍♀️
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Lots and Lots of weird’o’s out there, midnight?! To buy a pair of shoes or something? Tweekers!
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Yep 👍 you’re totally right @Chris555 @TraLynn
I never meet after dark, and only with a friend with me in a public place, or safe zones like police station lobby
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Whereas I can see what you're saying I personally also avoid sketchballs, but I do similar types of messages because I frequently travel for business (and I'm a night owl on top of that). I often message late into the night or before/after a flight. I also let the other party know times I'm available to meet. I've met for a deal once when I was back in my hometown for less than 24hrs between flights. So that section of your post threw me a little. Now I will say I always try to be very respectful and polite and examine my situation to potential buyers and sellers. I do think your particular seller could of done or said things to ease your comfort level.

I will keep your feedback in mind though moving forward. I want to make sure I don't come off in a similar way as you've referenced seller when in similar situations. Thank you!
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Always look at ratings because it’s real people that bought from them !
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@Dess1 given the low volume of actual transactions through OfferUp (especially for new users) and difficulty of leaving/receiving feedback PLUS getting (or convincing) the other party to do so I would say this is not a good single indicator of buyers/sellers on here.
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@ZygyKoz We definitely do not have a low volume of transactions, although I can see what you are saying and the frustration. We're hoping this will decrease with our new profiles. Also, lots more to come. 

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I agree
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This is exactly what I worry about as it is what I fear! I don't care what it is I will always meet in a public place in the day time only. Never after dark, I tried once only to have my time waste with a no show. I waited around for 3 hours for nothing I consider myself lucky anything could have happen that was foolish of me. I learned something that time and I have a family to think about so safety is the most important. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you sell a lot and find great deals to buy on here 👍 Good Luck!