Don't scare people away from buying your items

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I agree with you , a sale at that time seems questionable to me...why not wait few more hours and do it during daytime in a public location...Safety first!
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walmart makes a great meet up for some folks and its open all night in a lot of areas,,,,,,i sold to a nurse this morning,,,,,,,,she waited till 8 am to meet and told me at meet up that most offerup sellers are lazy,,,,,,,its daylight at five when she gets off work,,,,,,,,but most dont want to meet her before her bed time at 9 am,,,,,,,even if they are awake and talking  to her at 5 am.

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I agree and truly believe that you made the right discission.  I wouldn't even think about meeting anyone in the middle of the night for any reason !  No matter how much I wanted the item.  I am relatively new here and have already come across a few people that made me uncomfortable for their behavior just in correspondence.  That be the case I certainly back away and have no more to deal with them.  Safety is always paramount with me.  Nothing is worth putting yourself in danger over. If they sound " iffy"...I'm done with them.  Luckily for me I have met some really nice folks on offerup and my overall experience has been great.  Thank you for taking the time to inform the rest of us about your experience.  It's definitely something to think about and bare in mind.

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I really think your husband needs a real talking to. I would not meet anyone after dark even if they were selling the secrets to eternal life. Scammers prey on people who fall for to good to be true deals.
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People need to stop judging people people are different think different and have different time schedule so im posting this late all im saying people do it there way if anything its offer up fault
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Delete the app if you think bad about different ways people sell there merchandise go to the store if thats the case and you might still buy from the crack head cashier or drunk and you can still get jacked in the parking lot by prositute welcome to AMERICA people