Don’t use offer up shipping!!!!

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I found the new scam going around after taking some orders and shipping them out with the new “ship to me” option for buyers. I just shipped out an order yesterday, and moments after offer up updated with “package scanned” meaning the mail man has taken it, the user deactivated their account and now my sales not showing up in pending deposits or any tracking information! I shipped something out and deserve to be paid for it!

Also after you send the item you have to wait “at most 3 business days after delivery “ (total BS, I’ve waited a week already for $5...) and during this time they’ve gotten to use the item you sold and enjoy their new purchase.

I’ve been selling on here for a while now, and loved it as an extra option for my business....but I can’t honestly say I am the biggest fan of OfferUp any more.
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Oh wow, @Chef - thank you for reporting this to us.

I'm so sorry you had this experience. Go ahead and reach out to our Shipping team - it looks like you haven't done this quite yet. 


Edit - I heard back from our Payments team that the item was only delivered 2 days ago, so the funds won't be released until tomorrow. After that, it can take 3-5 business days to appear in your account. Additionally, the status of the user's account will not affect payout. I have escalated this to the Shipping team, and they should be reaching out soon.