Dont give/ask for phone numbers!

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One thing I find very uncomfortable is when a buyer wants my phone number. I dont understand why they want a phone number. We already communicate in the app, why do we need to communicate through other means? They may do it for "safety" reasons or because it easier for them, but to me it just makes them look scetchy asking for phone numbers. I usually say, "I'm sorry I only communicate through this app". Now a days anyone can be crazy. I am not going to risk it by giving anyone my phone number. Heck, I dont even give my real name. Lol.
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Hi @Jasmin14 your totally right, OfferUp highly recommends keeping your communications through the OfferUp messaging system only, if people constantly ask for personal information they will be notified that they are about to violate OfferUp guidelines, because it’s usually looked at as spam. and that person will probably have their account banned or blocked from using that account. I always recommend new members go over the OfferUp guidelines so they will not have any problems in the future with their accounts.
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@Jasmin14...Exchanging phone numbers gives both parties some level of confidence in the commitment for the transaction to be fulfilled, which can also be counted as a "verbal" contract. Communicating solely using OfferUp's messaging system is no different then sending emails, as there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

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@Lapua well for a paranoid person like myself, that doesnt even give out their real name, I would never ever give out my phone number to a stranger!
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@Jasmin14...that is your prerogative and understandable, but most people are not that paranoid.   

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I usually tell them if it's something they can ask me in message form.

The only valid reason to ask for a phone number is to receive additional images in
higher quality — although I've never done it.

I think some people, older in particular feel like business can be done faster via talking — which almost always isn't the case.

If you don't feel comfortable giving your number out you can create a free throwaway voip wifi account.

TextFreeVoice, Talkatone and Pinger are good.

You can call, send images and texts just like a normal phone — but again, they provide a random number for you to use.

These are free alternatives to maintain your anonymity.

I'm surprised more people don't know about these apps.
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Whenever the app starts acting up, folks ask for a cell phone and I don’t really have a problem with it if I’m making money off that person. I’ve had the app freak out a few times where I’m unable to see messages and text is 1000 times more reliable then the app.
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@BP_Carlos Please let us know if this ever happens as this should never be an issue. It's always safest to keep communication within our messaging system so you don't have to give out your personal information if you don't feel comfortable in doing so Smiley Happy

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@Lapua That's actually backwards.  Written contracts like messaging would hold up better in court than verbal contracts with no documentation.  Not to mention, the vast majority of people don't want or offer phone numbers for stuff like this.  I mean, I stopped giving out my number for a reason.  The people who wanted it were inevitably the people who would call 100 times and reschedule, tell me their life's story, and ultimately either never show up or would want the thing for free.  I would rather just donate my stuff to the nearest thrift store instead of dealing with that nonsense.

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@alakani  "Written contracts"...that would be describing eBay. On OfferUp...the word "contract" is remotely only applicable when using the payment/shipping method.


It is your preogative on on you wish to conduct your transactions. I just mentioned a way to avoid all the nonsense, as it is a proven method billion times over on CL and eBay for over 20 years.


BTW, one can easily block phone numbers on both iOS and Android devices.