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People are CONSTANTLY offering to buy my merchandise for the price posted, and then come back with a lower offer. I'm not sure if it's "user error" in either making an offer, wanting to make the purchase, or a glitch in the app. I DO know that I'm losing numerous sales when this occurs. Please advise :-)
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Just something people do to try to get a better deal.. I always add to my price so when they offer less I can get what I really want .. an they think they r getting a better deal 😁
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Thanks for your input, but my merchandise is already cut to the bone. Raising the prices would make it completely cost prohibitive, as people compare on my prices online. I think they need to make the response buttons a little more comprehensive.
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Thats good thinking I do the same thing with my items and sometimes if people want me to deliver and item and I dont feel like it I would tell them if they can come pick up and I will drop the price so I wouldn't really lose much. I have told some of people who sell on here to have a higher price depending on the item about $5-10 more so when someone asks whats the lowest, you can subtract from that or a little more. This method does work with most stuff usually with new or like new items things that are in good condition but if its really used and theres a lot of wear and tear this method wont work so well. So if you have something that you know is worth more than people are offering you bump up the price a little and also take good pictures of the product make it look nice use an app to edit the photos if your camera isnt that good or the picture quality isnt great having good photos helps your item sell.
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As much as I appreciate your advice, it is non-applicable in my situation. 99% of the merchandise I sell is brand new, and people do price comparison's with Amazon, eBay, and other discount outlets on the web. If I bump my prices up, they won't touch it at all. Generally speaking, I take between 20 to 25% off of MSRP. That is more than enough of a discount considering I DO NOT COMPETE WITH ONLINE RETAILERS. I don't care if my stuff stays up for a year or more, everything sells eventually :-) My pictures are excellent, and the description of each individual item is fully detailed. I think offer up needs to configure their buttons differently, as I believe people are not clear on how to make an offer without looking to pay the posted price. Thanks anyway, all the best!
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I know that when I first started using OfferUp I hadn't realized that I can make an offer at a different price
I think your asking a little much, and your thought process on upping the price to sike the customer into believing they r getting a better deal is way off. This is offer up it compares with let go or the Facebook marketplace not amazon or eBay. If you want offer up to change their buttons BC ur losing sales then it sounds to me you never had the sale to begin with. This is where ppl like to haggle it obviously makes the most sense to up the price and play the game of seller and buyer. I'm not trying to be mean, I wish you all the best and hope you sale every item you post, but stop whining. Your crying over something that most ppl aren't paying attention to. Like the other member said they didnt even know offer up had that kind of button when first starting here. The site works, its the ppl who don't. Most ppl lately r here to bs anyways. I can't tell you how many ppl have offered me money or haggled my price to only prove that they were never serious in the first place. Its annoying. Very.
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Just to set the record straight “super sales woman” I DO NOT “up the price of my merchandise” to psych people out. There were only two instances where I have done so, the first on the butterball turkey fryer, as I did the research and it goes for way more than what I’m asking. The second was on the colored pencil set, which I erroneously posted at my cost rather than what I was going to sell it for.
Next, you must be comparing my prices to that of Amazon and eBay, who I absolutely DO NOT Price match. When people tell me that they can get it cheaper there, my advice is “then that’s where you need to get it“, and thank them for their inquiry.
The prices that I have listed on my merchandise are FIRM. The prices are discounted from what other major retail stores are selling them for, and 99.9% of the merchandise that I sell is brand new in the box: not used, not reconditioned, and not damaged.
I do not play the game of “start high and sell low“. THAT’S a psych tactic. Raising the price of my merchandise will kick me right out of the ballpark. People wouldn’t even consider the purchase. It’s just like the new method that car dealers are using to sell their vehicles: “the sticker price is the price. No haggling”. The prices on my merchandise are MORE than fair, and I believe that a “smart buyer”will realize that. I’m not worried about selling off quickly, as EVERYTHING sells eventually :-) This is not a “mainline” for me, as I sell off just enough to have some fun!
The issue that I am having, and have ALWAYS had with this app is that people offer to buy my merchandise for the firm price listed, and when I confirm and give them a pick up location, either they don’t respond at all or offer me “pennies on the dollar“. The buttons need to be more self-explanatory so people don’t mistakenly agree to buy the merchandise and renege, rather than to make an attempt to submit an offer. In doing so, this would reduce the margin of “user error“ GREATLY, and make the selling experience a whole lot better than it is right now. To date, I have over 30 of these offers, most of which do not answer, the remainder who counter offer a ridiculously low price.
In essence, I am not “crying or whining“ as you implied. I am merely expressing the frustration that I have with the confusion generated on this app because of the offer buttons.
Thank you in advance for your advice, but it is completely non-applicable in my case. If you can come up with something more constructive, please don’t hesitate to share it with me.
Have a great holiday season!
All The Best! Bob