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Im selling an item and made plans with 1 person. 2 more people asked and I told them that they're in line. 1 person was offering a higher price and really wanted to pick up. But since shops next to me are almost closed and 1 made plans with someone else; did I do the right thing or should have gone with the higher price? I know there are a lot of flakers when buying stuff used but At least I can see I got other people interested right??


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Hello @emanmor

Here is a link that might help with your question. I also copied the solution to a similar problem written by @Hotrod. I hope this helps.

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I would just stick with the original deal first, if that deal falls through go with the next buyer. you will have people trying to offer you more money, and even to come right away, but think about will they be a no show or not?, you will have multiple no shows in one day sometimes we all do eventually.
even if you tell the buyer you going to sell to someone else and they say I understand, do they really probably not, and you probably lost a future buyer. you will get lots of advice on this issue but in the end it’s totally your decision to make, how would you feel if you were the buy.
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Yes that’s what I would recommend, @Shupat thanks for the link
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I would like to say welcome to our OfferUp community. Wishing you all the best with OfferUp. What is your reason for joining? The selling or buying part? Be sure to let us know if you need anymore help.

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Completely based on the individual.

I usually say something like.

"Sorry, someone is already picking up the item. If they flake I'll let you know."

To which they respond one of three ways — and my responses.

"I'll pick up right now though!!"

— Sorry man I won't flake on someone else. I wouldn't do it to you.

"I'll give you more $$$"

— Don't need the extra cash, but thanks in any case.

"Ok keep me posted thanks."

— No prob, will do.

Again, up to you to decide — but I would personally keep my original meeting with the first person I set up with. Keep your word. Don't make people bid, it's honestly rude.

If someone told me the following I'd be upset. Which has happened.

"Yo, someone offered me 20$ more, what are you offering?"

— ??? I've lost interest, you can sell it's fine. (even block in some cases)