Fair Price. Quality Items.

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Hello I am Perry Deals. Just giving you some standards of my products and any tips and feedback would be gladly appreciated. I just joined Offer up in Oct. 2017 so far it has been a great experience.
I sell: 1. New
2. Rarely new to used
3. Used
These products I've purchased over time and barely use them or are used or brand new and just sitting. My clothes are always clean and in excellent to good condition you will never buy ANYTHING! from me that doesn't look practically new unless they are clothes that I have had for a while.

I take care of my clothes and other items as well. My prices are fair and they are set just to make my money back of price I paid for them or close to it. I'm all about quality. My used items are not beat up or even hardly look used just want the customer to be happy. My prices are set and I think are fair only repeat customers get discounts. Come check out P.D.

Thank you Perry
OfferUp employee

@Perry_Deals Thanks Perry. Moving this to the Pro Tips forum so other community members can give you some tips that hopefully will help. Sounds like you're on a great track so far Smiley Happy

Level 5
You could post a Lamborghini for $6.99 and someone would come along and ask if you will sell it for $2.