Fee avoidance



Fee avoidance
"Sometimes fees may be incurred when posting certain kinds of items or making cashless transactions. Any action by a seller to avoid paying a fee is strictly prohibited. It's important to remember that if you don't pay these fees, whether intentionally or by mistake, your listings may be removed."


The above excerpt is straight from OfferUp's "posting rules".


Why is the "fee avoidvance" disclaimer so vague with the "certain items"? Why not post a chart of the specific "certain items" with the associated fees? How else are people supposed to make an informed decision. I have never heard of a selling site that is omakase.


Just to clarify, this is not a rant or a complaint, as I have no desire to sell on this platfrom, but there seems to be an endless amount of ambiguous verbiage within the TOS. The TOS is supposed to be specific and NOT so vague.

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The odds are they're doing it so they can implement more fees over time without modifying the TOS and without people being able to say that wasn't a TOS I agreed to. For example they never used to charge for vehicles but now if you list more than 3A month there is a fee. I'm not really opposed to this it's cut down a lot on the dealers that were Flooding the feeds with vehicles. As far as I know that's the only thing they technically Charge to list. Everything else that they charge for are more service related like bumps and featured listings I'm sure over time no charge for more and more categories but right now it mainly seems to be automotive. Then of course they charge you if you use the shipping or cashless transaction.

I have no problem with OfferUp adding more fees, as I am a proponent of listing fees (decreases scams and increases commitment), but to indiscriminately indicate "certain items"? Really? It would take an intern 5 minutes to create a chart.


It is just deliberately "shady", just like the shipping system.

Let me add to say that OU can always update the chart to reflect any changes/additions to the specific items and the associated fees. I am not opposed to additional fees, but most sellers would like to know what they are paying for beforehand. Ebay has an endless list of fees, but eBay does list them all.