Getting a refund with Buyer Protection

Recently made in app purchase using Nationwide shipping. Item was not as described in listing and have made several requests to Customer Service concerning the issue before the three day window. When can I expect resolution and refund? Would like to return misrepresented item to the seller for a full refund as soon as possible.

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Hi there @gentleraine480 - as long as you've opened a case with our teams, they will respond as soon as possible Smiley Happy

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Hi there @gentleraine480 - as long as you've opened a case with our teams, they will respond as soon as possible Smiley Happy

I opened the case as soon as I received the misrepresented item. A gentleman (Michael-Payment Specialist) assured me that I would be contacted soon.
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Oh awesome! Happy to hear that they're already on the case Smiley Happy 

New to OfferUp and appreciate your timely response and support as well. Thank you very much.
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I recently purchased some shoes and when they arrived they was COUNTERFEIT.... I paid $150... I’ve requested a refund as well.. it’s sad that I can’t speak with someone because I feel cheated!!! The item listed a description if shoe but not once did it said knock off brand the box actually gave a whole mother description
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I totally understand how you're feeling OfferUp is doing the same thing to me at least in my case they took back my shoes and promise to give me my money back... But I still have not gone my money back it's been weeks......
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2 weeks ago I bought what it was described as an “AUTHENTIC” Louis Vuitton purse ( LV). The purse was shipped to me from California. Upon arrival I took the purse to the LV store to verified authenticity. They said the bag was not authentic as it was described by the seller. Immediately I filled a “ Buyers Protection Claim” as per OFFERUP app instructions. But received not reply. The second day I filled it out again Twice! No response. I also sent a message through “CONTACT US”. Then, I received an email stating my message had been received. I contacted my credit card to dispute the charge the moment I knew the purse was not as described. It has been 2 weeks and my credit card has not been able to contact OFFERUP.
AMEX is saying that OFFERUP is not answering. I don’t want to believe that OFFERUP’s buyers protection is as fake as the purse I received. Please do the honest thing an return my money!!
I also need instructions to return the counterfeit purse. Thanks
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Hi , I am I the same boat as many of these other folks in the forum. I opened a case the day I got the package and the products where damaged, not as described and fake/counterfeit. I provided pics and proof of issues and was promised a resolution from a payment specialist and I have not heard anything for weeks . I assume the best thing would be to give me a return shipping label and send it back to seller like all other online selling sites. Please help me get resolution to my issue please.
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I am experiencing the same thing now. I submitted my claim the day the product arrived, and was told a specialist would get back to me. The seller account is deactivated and OfferUp doesn't reply to my emails.