Getting a refund with Buyer Protection

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I recently purchase of a fur coat Chinchilla I am Patrice Aronson and he is listed as Maurice Jones listed as "Reece" on his page as there anything that can be done. Iv'e already contact him that I want to return for a full refund
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@Pacagal you would have to submit a buyers claim within 3 days of delivery if you went through shipping. If this was a local transaction, you had time to check it out before parting ways with your money.
@Pacagal I recieved your messages. Was this a local sale? If not did you pay using the Offerup payment system? It will say you did a transaction with him if he marked it sold to you but there is no transaction number if this was local or you paid outside the Offerup system. The protection policy is only good on shipped items that were paid for with the Offerup payment system.
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Did you get your refund?
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My seller printed a label Monday, but still hasn’t shipped. I think he’s trying to pull a fast one.
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I bought this cigarette making machine from Sammy. It’s supposed to roll 3 cigarettes at once only one tube fills. I’ve messaged him and offer up several times. No one will answer me. BUYER BEWARE. And know OFFER UP DOES NOTHING FOR THE BUYER