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Wassup everyone,

As we all know, there are a LOT of fake sneakers floating around on Offer Up, many which are being sold as "real" or "authentic", but are actually the opposite: FAKES. And the main issue is this fake sneaker epidemic on here is really hurting the sneaker culture and community. As well as making sellers who actually sell REAL sneakers with LEGIT receipts, boxes, tags, serial #s, etc. a hard time, due to so many fakes being sold at premium resell prices. So how do we spot these fake kicks? I'll drop 5 ways that I personally use when shopping on Offer Up for pairs.

If you're into Yeezys, Jordan's, Nike's, Lebrons, Supreme, etc. then you should have an idea by now what real vs. fake is. If not, keep reading...

Every sneaker comes with a serial #. So when meeting up with a seller, check the serial # and make sure its legit. Simply google that serial #, if that sneaker doesn't pop up in search results, then you definitely got some fakes, fam. Secondly, when copping Yeezys, always go for pairs with legit receipts and proof of Authenticity. (Xhibition, Next, Flight Club, Stockx, Goat, etc) and watch out for FAKE receipts (foot locker SELENA cashier, Barneys, some finish line and foot action receipts are fakes too...) be VERY skeptical about pairs that DONT have receipts. Think about it, why would a seller who is trying to resell a pair of Yeezys for a thousand bucks lose the receipt? Makes no sense.

Thirdly, check the box label on all Yeezys. Certain fonts, alignments, size positions on label, etc. Have to match. Check out real vs. Fake Yeezy Vids on YouTube. They'll give you visual insight with comparisons in hand. A lot of fakes nowadays are eerily close to the real thing, so its imperative to know your stuff, so you're not taking a L if you cop some knock off Turtle Doves for 900 bucks and they're faker than a 3 dollar bill. Dont be the goof taking that L...


If a seller has some Supreme Uptempos for sale, yet they have a dark blurry pic, with no receipt, no description, in a grimy looking background, ask yourself, do these seem legit??? Why Would a person selling a 600 dollar pair of sneakers take crappy dark pics? Because the seller knows they're fakes. Lol

If they post a pic from the internet, instead of actual pics of the shoes, be leary. Why would he/she rip pics of google if they actually have the shoes themselves? Lot of these type are just pretenders. Faking like they have them when they really don't. That's why they usually don't reply or show up when its time to meet. So be careful with posts that have like one photo, and it never shows much detail.


Huge red flag. Nowadays everybody is a so called "plug" or got the plug. but peep how NONE of these self proclaimed sneaker "plugs" who allegedly gets every pair that drops "early" NEVER can tell you where they got them from...and they NEVER can provide a receipt. Think about it.

Bruh the ONLY people you'll ever see with "early" releases on are celebritys. NOT people who just order a bunch of fakes off China knock off sites and then call themselves "plugs". More like CLOWNS if you ask me. Lol


If you see some Red Octobers going for under 5K? Don't do it fam. Unless you don't mind rocking UA (unathourized authentic)...which means similar materials used to make the shoe, but not authorized by the actual retailer of that brand = FAKES. But some people don't mind wearing or buying fakes. Its just when people sell them as "real" or lie and say they won them in a raffle, when in reality they spent 109.99 plus shipping for some knock offs. Lol This is the issue. So don't fall for the okey doke and blow that income tax bread on some Feezys thinking you came up LOL if the price is too good to be true, it usually is. You get what you pay for with kicks. Never will you find retail Yeezys or any retail high end urban fashion (FOG, OFFWHITE, Supreme, Anti Social Club, etc) going for under retail or resell price. Especially on Offer Up.


If he/she has a 2 star rating? But is selling exclusive OG Jordans? Huge red flag. Why would they have a low rating if they do legit business? Doesn't add up. Also, if they have a zillion sneakers posted but haven't made one sale, ask yourself why? Its probably because others noticed they're fakes too. Lol I've seen so many sellers on here who post nothing but fakes get passes for it. This is unacceptable. Fakes should never be allowed on this app. Period. But since they are, I figured I share some tips on how to better spot em. And avoid being another victim of copping fakes thinking they're legit.

Hope these tips helped! Feel free to comment below and share tips of your own!

- DK
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Wow, @DopeKicks216 - this is INCREDIBLY detailed with a ton of helpful information!!


I love this post. Higher end sneakers are a very hot item on OfferUp, and many people don't stop to check all of the things you highlighted in this post. I'm for sure going to link other community members looking for shoes to this post. I think this info can really help out potential buyers!

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Thank you MJ_206! Glad I can help!
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Not related to fake sneakers, but being that you sell alot of them. I purchased my son a pair of retro 1 Gatorades and he has worn them only 4 or 5 times. They have original box, receipt, extra laces etc. I paid 170.00 and am asking 100. I think that that's reasonable. Help! No one is responding. Everyone told me to put all of his shoes and boots online and they would go quick as there all in excellent to new condition. He simply hit a growth spurt, so they need to go. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these and others? Thanks, Amy~
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Hey Amy,

Thanks for reading and replying. In response to your question, the AJ Gatorade 1s in NDS (near deadstock = like new) are going for around $100-180 somewhere in that ball park. To learn the market resell value of sneakers check out apps/sites like Stockx, Goat, Flight Club, Stadium Goods, etc. Liscensed Retailers like those set the tone for what resell value of a sneaker is. The more limited, more rare, hard to find it is, or in high demand, makes the sneaker more valuable. Like the Air Jordan 11 Navy Suede "Derek Jeter", going for $40,000 for instance. How? Only like 5 pairs in the world were made. Sneakers are like art. The value increases over time. Or, can DEcrease over time...just like stocks. So sneakers are EXACTLY like the stock market. Hence "StockX". That app will keep you updated of what the average value of a sneaker is, how much its dropped, gained, etc.

Hope this helped Amy! Feel free to ask anymore questions, I'm here to help!

- DK
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Here's one more tip on how to sell sneakers well as on here:

- Make sure the shoes are priced higher than your lowest ask. Meaning, most buyers on here are low ballers. So if you want $100 bucks for those AJ Gatorade 1s, list them @ $170. Leave room to barter and negotiate. If you set the price @ $100, then buyers will offer $50. Set it @ 170, you'll get low balled to $100. Win win for both parties.

Hope this helps!
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Good stuff here @DopeKicks216. I myself am about as far away from the sneaker craze these days. I'm only looking for last years most comfortable deal under $50, haha. However, I thought it was worth the read and valuable info for those most interested in some fresh kicks and what to look for.....keep up the good tips!

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I totally agree, @cyclomatic! I'm no sneakerhead myself, but high-end kicks tend to be one of our most popular categories! I'll stick to my hand-me-down boots from my mom for now Smiley LOL

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Thanks homie! Salute!