Have you used Shipping? OfferUp wants to hear from you!

OfferUp employee

Hi everyone!


I'm so glad to see so many friendly faces in our online community! I remember the day the forums first opened...good times. 


Now that a fair number of you seem to have used shipping already, I'd love to hear from you directly about your experiences! Is there anything you would change? How was the process overall? How does it compare to other selling sites that also offer shipping? The good, the bad - I want to hear it all!


Note: Responses are subject to publishing across our social channels, as well as in future press releases. If you're not comfortable being quoted, just let me know in your response! I will most likely be DMing some of you for a more in-depth conversation, either via email or on the phone. 


So excited to see some of your responses! 

Level 9

Hi @thisisflea  welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,,,if you spend some time reading in the forums,,,,,,,,,,,,you will find that people do indeed have things to say about the shipping,,,,,,,some evidently started to use it ,,,,then it was gone,,,,,,,im not sure they have "friendly faces" now because of it,,,,,,,,,some say they have contacted customer service about it without response.,,,,,,,,,,,myself,,,,,,,i saw something about it one day,,,,then i have seen no evidence of it on my app the next item i posted,,,maybe you could explain how it all works in here to us,

Level 9

yeah there is nothing about shipping anywhere in my app,,,,,,,,it was there for at least part of one day,,,,,,,,and the item i posted that day never showed up ,,,,,,,so i archived it,,,,,and then after that day ,,,,,,there was nothing about shipping again in my app,,,,,,,