Help I got reported and didn't do anything

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So this un mature kid reported me yesterday and I didn't do anything I met up with him sold him a Bluetooth speaker everthing went fine and now sending me hate messages through my email and I'm locked out of my offer up account how can I get my offer account back hoping offerup team sees this I dont know how to contact them
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Offer up usually not lock seller out their account, if someone report seller. You will have lower score rated and respond times. Be sure your email account and password are correct if you attempt few times and fail it will lock you out temporary. Forward those emails to team offer up they will help you out. Hope this is helps you.
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@Jesus253 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
Jesus253 I would recommend contacting the OfferUp customer care team with this issue, you can also contact them through Facebook or Twitter, if you can’t use your OfferUp app to do so. I’m also tagging @Elin Community manager on this issue. In the meantime try going to the OfferUp website and see if you can sign, if you can report the buyer giving as much information as you can so the OfferUp team can investigate this issue and take the appropriate action.
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There's obviously more to the story, it seems odd to me that after a transaction which went well (??) you were sent hate mail 'for no reason'.

What was it in regards to? Did he claim the item was non-functional?

In any case, contact OfferUp support, they can look into this and get you an appropriate response.

They may request to view your message chain.

You can ask Elin or another admin here or PM the OfferUp Twitter