Help me out please!

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So I just started my account two weeks ago and posted a few things and sold a few things. I have only been rated by one person and that person admittedly rated me incorrectly and is willing to fix it but we dont know how. If I had 100 sales I wouldn't worry about an accidental 1 star rating by a user not paying attention to what he's doing, but it's my only rating and since then my overall rating is 1 star so nobody will deal with me now because of him ,(I don't blame them I only have one star!) I messaged him, he apologized and said he will correct it but we can't figure out how. Please help
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Unfortunately, it's impossible to fix ratings at least as far as I know. You can contact support at to see if they can possibly help you.
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Hey @JBlue1 - welcome to the community!


I was able to get a Customer Care team member to remove the incorrect rating.


You will need to relist the item, have them engage on the item, and mark it as sold to that user again to have a new rating.