Holiday Safety Tips with OfferUp!

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Hey OfferUp Community!


Did you know that we actually have two blogs? We recently posted a great guide on staying safe while completing your holiday purchases this year! 


Here's a little teaser -


"One-third of this year’s Black Friday sales came from smartphones, with both brick-and-mortar and online apps seeing a nine percent bump in new downloads over last year, according to Adobe Analytics and Sensor Towers. In fact, OfferUp was listed ahead of Macy’s and JCPenney, and just after Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, as a top-ten holiday shopping app this year. With a bunch of new users using OfferUp as an easier and more cost-effective way to find gifts, we wanted to share some holiday shopping tips to help make your experience more successful, easy, and safer."


You can find the rest of the blog here


While you’re shopping for great deals over the holidays, don’t forget about these important tips


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Thanks @Mj_206 great blog!
I recommend everyone check it out really great tips for the holidays. 😎🇬🇧🔚