How do you turn off search alerts?

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I made a search alert and I bought the item I was looking for. Now I’m getting search alerts for that item every couple of minutes. I don’t need it anymore as I have already bought it. I searched everywhere and can’t find how to turn off.
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Hi @Rome12115  welcome to offerup forums,,,,,,,,im kinda new to offerup,,,but i dont think there is anyway to shut off an offerup alert,,,,,,,you might have to wait till their system crashes.,,,,,,i feel for ya man.,,,,,,,,,,,,,im only kidding,,i think,,,,,,i think it will stop alerting you at some point,,,,,,,,,,but im sure.... someone else will respond to your question,,,lots of good information here in the forums.,,,,,,someone should be able to answer your question.

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Can you clarify 'search alert' please.

Did you save an item to your favorites or are you using a third party app to track something?


Are you talking about ads maybe? Or the "cha-ching" alerts.
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I’m taking about the cha-ching alert in your inbox. When you search for an item in the app it asks you if you want to set a search alert for that item. It will notify you every time a new item that you searched for is posted up for sale. My mistake was saying yes to the search alert because my inbox now gets bombarded with search alerts for my item I set a search alert for. I cannot find a way to stop it!
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Do a search for the word/item you are receiving alerts for...

Scroll to the very end of all of the search results...

There you should see the option to set or stop an alert! 👍🏼


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Hi @Keliskaleidosco welcome to offerup forums and thankyou for the information,,,,,,,i was thinking one might have to destroy your device and change your name and start a new life.

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I tried this but it didn’t work unfortunately. I can’t believe Offer Up does not have a solution for this. These inbox alerts are getting annoying and I’m very close to deleting my account all together and removing the app.
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LOL @Rome12115 Why upset with inbox alerts?,,,that means someone is interested in your items,,,,,,,,,,thats a good thing


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are you still getting alerts about the search you did? @Rome12115


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Did you clear your search?

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