How do you turn off search alerts?

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Did you get your alert situation taken care of? Smiley Happy

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It wasn’t my situation.
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Ok @Noodle 

So do you still need help? 


If you want someone specific or want members to respond put this @ in front of their username. Like I did with your username.


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Thank you everyone for your help. My issue was resolved!
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Yeah @Rome12115 Thanks for the update!

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Anyone else having this issue.

The answer is to stop them the same way you started them. Toggle the option off.

Or you can go to your Profile → Settings → Search alerts [Edit]

Note: Search Alerts are not available for everyone.
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Search alerts are not available to everyone? I have a problem I never receive my alerts! Opposite the op problem
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Finally an intelligent response !
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NOT If you bought the item already. It's annoying I want it turned off too before I delete the app.