How to be a 5 Star Seller!

Thank you for the tips great advice.
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Why do people keep sending a message saying that they would like to purchase my product and then I reply asking them where they want to meet and thats the end of it. They never text back. Why waist everyones time lying and saying they want to buy it when they have no intention of it? Do they need their heads examined? If I want to buy something I buy it. No games at all. I guess people have nothing better to do then sit around and play with other peoples time and money. How do you guard against this stuff?
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This is something that has been mentioned in numerous previous posts.
There are a number of reasons users may do this...just a few.

1) They accidentally tap the
canned response?
2) Since OU accepts users
13+ maybe a bored young
3) Possibly a user changed
their mind, but doesn't care
to inform the seller of their
change of heart?

All these are a part of the annoying aspects of online marketplace shopping. OfferUp has no control over the choices users make.

You can, however, choose to report these users by tapping the report flag.
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"How to be a 5 Star Seller!"
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I wish more sellers did that. I am amazed at how many items I’ve looked at and might be interested in, only to find there isn’t any details anywhere! No pics of model, data plate, etc. sometimes not even the brand. Who would buy a $600 phone that you don’t know how many GB’s it has? It’s really pitiful and makes me wonder why the seller is even bothering to sell here. ✌🏻
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I feel you on that one! Some people need to describe the item they are selling or at least write down the important detail about the product. Also some people don't take very good and clear photos of item they are posting and that so frustrating to me. But I totally agree with you! We'll good luck and have a blessed week.