How to be a 5 Star Seller!

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All great tips thanks for taking the time to do so.. 😀
stating exactly what you want to do helps i think also if you can’t meet halfway state that to avoid an issue during conversation so they know ahead of time
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Thanks for the post. It was very good advice
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I believe a big part of being a five star seller is to be honest, polite, respond quickly, and not push the hard sell. i.e sending multiple messages a buyer doesn't respond right away.
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Good tips
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What if you are just starting out as a seller and have no reviews yet?? That doesn't mean you can't be trusted. So for people who are just starting out ans have no reviews or ratings yet what should they do?
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No your just starting out. Reviews and ratings come after u successfully sell a product. They personally will rate u.
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@lovemybby Be honest with who you are messaging about how you're new to OfferUp and really excited to get started. Transparency is best so people know how to communicate with you and connect with you. Smiley Happy Anyone else have any tips for @lovemybby? That's a really good question! 

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@lovemybby This is a great question!


The first thing you can do is make sure you have a profile picture added. I also recommend verifying your email address, adding your phone number, or connecting your Facebook as other users will be able to see if you have completed these steps. You can also apply to be TruYou verified which is another way to show community members that you are who you say you are even without any reviews. Then you can start building up your 5-Star profile from there! 

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Great points @SLCdiscounts! I totally agree with asking for ratings at the meet up location, and it definitely is smart to stick to verified sellers only. That is why TruYou is such a great feature! Thanks for commenting!