How to be a 5 Star Seller!

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Such wonderful tips & feedback. Thanks so much for sharing!!
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I have a question of Truyou and becoming a member.I am new and just recently began posting items for sale about 3 days ago.I had many views but no bites and I am giving it away at prices that cannot be beatin.Anyways my question is,once I was to place my license up to build credibility so that it builds costumer trust.Who gas access to my home addrees?Which is on my license. I would to love to have no quarrels with this but the world we live in has been changing and I do not mean to offend all the good people here.But I would like to know who has access to my license info once I put up on Truyou. Thank you.
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Thanks for the tips
Very helpful thanks
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Yes people post items they're selling say for instance a BBQ Grill and just show the picture of the outside with a closed top and won't have pic of the inside and you get there it's all rusted out inside or they post pictures of the item off of Amazon website and what they're selling is a used product. Some post clothing items and don't put the size of the item. So I don't see how some people get offended when people ask them a question about the product and then if you don't purchase it they seem upset, put details in your listing and you won't have to get so many questions about the item. Because if you lie about your product when the person get there and see it they're not going to buy it so why waste your time and theirs.
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Great tips!

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Love it! It's always good to encourage others to find success operating with Honor, character, and integrity! This has been a very fun hobby for me for the last 20 or so months, Very addictive! I told myself I would stop at 150 with a five star rating but... Lol. Enjoy guys! Thanks😃
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Thank you for this thread. Very helpful. My 2 cents would be, a quick response to anything. If I get a question I’m not sure on I tell the potential buyer just that. Then I tell them what I’ll do to get the answer, either look at the item, compare it to an item online, etc. then I give them some idea of how long it might take, An hour or even the next day if it’s getting late. Telling the buyer approximately when you will be back to them builds trust and makes a buyer feel you care.
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Totally agree! I get frustrated needing to ask simple questions. What do now is put myself in the buyers place. What would they want to see more pics of or need more knowledge about. Does it come with a manual has been crucial in a few of my sales. Thank you
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The trick is to post a bunch of fake sales have you friends message you and then you mark them sold to your friends who in turn give 5 stars. Get enough so people trust your not trying to rip people off. Then post all your broken junk mostly electronics, (always have a fake address posted) meet in parking lots as ou suggests so they can't test anything, when they ask if it works just say of course look at all my 5 star sales. I'm not selling here to rip people off come on! They pay then you mark it as sold elsewhere and block the buyers saying they were a pain and kept trying to pay less and argued the entire time. This way they can't give you any score for the sale and you don't have to hear them complaining about the items