How to become a Super Shipper

That's why I would love if Offerup would notify us if something gets lost, damaged etc..
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For my vintage costume jewelry business I store inventory in small ziploc baggies that I've hole-punched to keep items from developing verdigris. Then I store like items in small shoe box size plastic tubs to protect the inventory from spills and bumps.
Items sold here are bagged and kept in separate tubs then stored in a vertical metal shelving unit.

I am just starting to use an online label system that provides a scan code so I am able to keep track of my inventory without having to dig through each box again just to find something.
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That is what I need! My items are larger but even when i think I'm organized, I'm still digging through bins. I have so many bins lol
I deal in rocks, fossils, minerals, gems and they take up a ton of room so I just carefully keep them wrapped and in boxes so they don't get bumped around. I use a ton of brown paper. I order my flat rate boxes at the post office so I keep them sorted in sizes.

Thank you for adding all this! I totally agree with all you have said. I use USPS too and have been very happy with the service. I mark all items FRAGILE as a MY part of "due diligence". If the customer receives a damaged item in a marked FRAGILE box AND it was packed properly they are less likely to flip on on you, the seller, because you had already done everything in your power to insure it's safe arrival. I have had items arrive to customers crushed, pierced with forklift blades, or look like they had been run over by a truck. OBVIOUSLY not MY fault. And this is where the insurance becomes vitally important. I have yet (knock on wood) had an issue with filing a claim and USPS sends me a check within a week. I refund the customer and I get reimbursed for the lost merchandise. WIN/WIN 

@Suzanne1 have you considered using 3M Anti-Tarnish Carbon Paper for your plastic bags? I managed a jewelry store for years and this is a great investment and you can also mail the strip in the packaging for your customer to have as a safe jewelry protector. They're just little black pieces of paper you put in the bag for protection. You can get 100 it so for 6.00 and would be a nice gift to help the customer protect their jewelry from environmental exposure. Shipping altitudes are really hard on jewelry. Here in NM anything that has a glue base non prog setting, dries out within a few months and falls apart. Glue turns to powder here I spent alot of time learning how the Native Americans manage to keep jewelry from falling apart in NM.

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~ Oh, for sure... @Suzanne1
More than you know!
Perfect timing too... just getting prepared to start using the New Shipping feature this Holiday Season! 🎄 Can't wait to receive the "Super Shipper" Badge, like yourself Suzanne!! Take Care & BWell 👌😀 TYVM too!!
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@Decades_Antqs I also use big fat orange and black Fragile stickers. I found some good ones at Wal-Mart! I have packages coming and going constantly. The post office does a really good job considering some of my packages coming in from wholesale dealers can weigh up to 20 lbs. I've had a few broken pieces coming in when I buy bulk wholesale but its just something that happens in retail and I don't file claims on wholesale I just write it off, before I did taxes I would spread the broken items wholesale cost out among the items I had up for sale. I have policies or tos on websites that I will not be responsible for lost, damaged items because my customers don't want to pay a extra 6.00 for insurance on a 200.00 sale when they already had to spend 19.00 on a large flat rate shipping box. They're just not going to do it! If its a smaller priced item I will offer another item in exchange but this hardly ever happens. I had one item that broke several months ago and it was a super fragile item that I was upfront with the buyer so she knew how sensitive it was and sure enough it broke so I replaced it with another item.
This also leaves me a little concerned with holiday shipping because I don't have my own policies here and adding the extra insurance cost on items will raise prices and make it difficult to match other site pricing. If its a sale that's over the 50.00 usps included insurance price. Usps hires for the holidays and packages are rushed and tossed and the claims are higher for holidays.
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Guys - please keep this thread on topic. This was for tips on becoming a super shipper, not a place to air out things that are already on our radar. Let me know if you have questions.