How to become a Super Shipper

@Mj_206 its gets confusing when I search for answers to questions and see a few different feeds on the same subject
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@Decades_Antqs wrote:

I sooo agree with you @Mj_206 too many treasures end up in the landfills these days! Smiley Sad

We did a really amazing infographic for Earth Day!! Check out how OfferUp helps our world -









































Ok, that infographic got a bit scrunched down and hard to read, but you can see the full size and earn about the impact on our blog - Earth Day and you!

@Mj_206 Totaly not trying to be rude but it would be a awesome thing to bring up for the forum we have 386 results for "shipping" alone. If some of the old post could be deleted it would be easier to search for answers.
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On it!! Will merge, or remove Smiley Happy Good idea, @BrightMoonstone!


EDIT - this will probably take me a while and be an ongoing project - thanks for the patience!

Ty! It might help to cut down on creating so many of the same posts and some confusion with the advancement of OU as things are building now.
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I totally agree, @BrightMoonstone! I have quite a few threads in the work to come out over the next few weeks touching on the Shipping and Buyer Protection FAQs Smiley Happy

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~ @Mj_206 ~
===> 🌎 "Did Not Think It Was Possible"... To 💜 OfferUp More!!
Btw... Hiring for the 🎁 Holidays???
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~Absolutely...!!~ @Suzanne1 ~
~~ Pegged you as a "Super Shipper" when you first joined the OfferUp forum~~👍😁
Am ready to start using the OfferUp Shipping feature now!! 😊
Appreciate your time & effort in posting this beneficial information!!
TYSM = Thank You So Much - Suzanne!
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~Nice ~ @BrightMoonstone~
~Surrounded by "Super Shippers"~
Tyvm for another option when using Shipping!! 👍😀~BrightMoonstone~
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I'm going to build some sturdy wood shelves in my wife's pantry. That should help for her vast inventory, she has lots of space in her pantry.