How to become a Super Shipper

@Foolsgold what a awesome idea! I should do the same and I can close the door so everyone doeant have to look at my collection of shipping boxes and packaging!
No postal service or banking Monday its a holiday. Rushing to get everything out tomorrow.
I'm spending a small fortune on wrapping supplies. Unfortunately I can't use news paper on my items because news paper tends to bleed ink onto items. The one thing I have found that is so awesome in protecting fragile items is to first bubble wrap the item well and then use tightly wrapped clear cellophane around the bubble wrap. Its makes a tightly sealed bubble for fragile items. I'm thinking of ordering supplies online now other than the USPS boxes that I order from the post office I'm hoping it saves some money.
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Order uline supplies from ebay
I ship large items, I buy bubble wrap like a truck load. Office depot now, buy 2 get one free on the 600 yrd rolls. About $60 for all 3. I buy only uline tape (from experience, trust me) on ebay for $22 shipped 6 rolls of 2" which is efficient for normal packaging. People making low offers have no clue on supply costs to wrap one dish set. I often make mistakes, and pay fedex specialty packaging for difficult items that nears (and a few times, exceeds sales price... oops) it is a write off that my husband hates. And an Etsy seller that has wonderful poly mailers for me, for her info. I swear by her products!
Working on this today! @RevivalGypsy
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Omg @RevivalGypsy!! That is such a great pro-tip for shippers!!!!

Chances are your local storage facility has blank newsprint. I find it cheapest there and use it in lieu of printed paper. In my store it is for wrapping purchased items placed in bags as well. I leave it out like a mat at the sales counter and wrap as needed. 

I, too, order supplies off Ebay especially peanuts. And if you know someone who is an Ebay seller that gets their "coupon" for shipping supplies free, they might throw some poly bags your way. Local Flea/Swap meets I can find packing tape pretty cheap too. Every once in awhile my local 99 cent store has padded envelopes I stock up on and in a pinch I go to local pack and ship stores for peanuts. Use friends and family! Let them know you need supplies! I get boxes from my sister's restaurant, have a friend who brings me huge boxes of bubble wrap and peanuts from his online purchases too. 

Awesome tips @Decades_Antqs you just gave me a great idea! I'm going to the office at my apartments they order stuff all the time. I'm sure they have boxes they just toss in the trash!
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I have a local beauty supply store that throws boxes just outside of their door. Every few days I pull up and fit as many as I can fit in my car. My mom works for a yachting company and brings any odd shaped boxes she gets. Those are the toughest to find. I also shop online a ton and recycle EVERYTHING I get shipped to me. Sometimes its worth ordering from amazon and walmart even for pickup just for the oversized boxes.Usps free boxes almost never worked for me In terms of size, but I have a few hundred on hand just I case lol. Target may be a good source as well. Mine has an ebay seller at customer service and she holds the boxes. It pisses me off, but i get it.