How to deal with people using offer up as a dating site?

How do you go about dealing with “buyers” who aren’t really interested in your item at all but more interested in you? Personally it’s very frustrating and a major waste of time, but how are you supposed to respond to this type off “offer”.
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I think no response at all those is the best option, don’t give them the attention they are looking for. If they don’t get a response, they’ll hopefully just move on to the next one they find. as far as how to keep this from ever happening..... good luckSmiley Happy
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Let them know you are only interested in getting your item sold. If they are interested in you, they may just give you what you are asking for your item. Of course, follow safe practices like meeting in a public place. In this case I would take my big son, brother, or best friend along with me. At the end of the day, money is money. Have a great day.
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@Chris555 @SandraB Great advice you two! @Lola_The_Plug if you ever come across someone who is acting inappropriately to you and won't stop, please report them so our Trust and Safety team can look into their accounts and email them a warning, or block them if need be. 

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Hi @Lola_The_Plug
I totally agree with @Elin and @Chris555
Just report them in detail and block them.
The OfferUp team will take care of the person. It’s a shame there are people like this but it’s not a perfect world 🌎😞
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Convince them to purchase it. Worked for me twice. Received more than asking. Their mother clearly needs the fine knit sweater you are selling or the creramic cat or whatever and she will not be able to live without it. SHE CARRUED THEM IN HER WOMB FOR 9 MONTHS, she needs a gift, Or sure maybe they do need a 15 amp sawskill, but your 13 amp is at least worth a look, isnt it? And once they look, it so heavy, you'll give then 5% off so you dont have to deal with it and you'll throw in these other items you knew they needed thst you had lying aroung, worth onky a few bucks. Thank them profusely, etc
I suggest, when at the receiving end of inappropriate conduct, responding in a professional businesslike manner focused on the sale. Be decisive. Respond with short, straitforward, and to the point messaging or face to face dealings.
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I wouldn't do business with them, I'm sure I'd feel uncomfortable meeting someone after they made advances — even moreso if I was a woman. Simply block them, this is one of the few situations where not replying is appropriate.
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Lola_The_Plug I appreciate you sharing and bringing this coversation to the table. You have helped so many others.
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I'm sorry I don't have any advice for you but I'd like to know an answer if I wanted to be on social media or a dating site I will go on one