How to make frequent sales.

@Cdean sounds like you don’t have an eye for quality and deals. Those who do, find great items on OfferUp. Also, different items have different rates of depreciation so your comment about items losing value is inaccurate.
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Yes I agree I do this all the time and make more sales
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@J_access what do you mean by "Choose a theme for your profile?"

I've looked through my OfferUp settings and options within the app and do not see anywhere to even edit your profile, let alone set a theme or colors, etc...

Can you provide for details if possible please?
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I'll let @J_access go into detail but what I think they mean is having a theme for the backdrop of photos (for them it's a blue background when taking photos and having an object next to them to show the size) and a common theme for descriptions, such as measurements always being included, etc. 

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I'm new so this advice is helpful. Thank you
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Very true point, last thing Id want to do is confuse my buyers, then I'd feel bad for getting peoples hopes up. Thank you for Pointing that out.
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That's a matter of opinion.
Most people here actually do like being here, I certainly do. And so far I find everyome polite pleasant and fair on pricing as the site is called Offer Up.
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I agree!!!!
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@McNeal I'm so glad this information and these discussions are helping you! Smiley Happy

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It's very helpful. Thank you.