How to save a lot of back and forth

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It would be great if you had a simple process that would facilitate a meeting when an offer is accepted. It's so annoying when you make an offer and the seller just says: "Ok."

It should be like eBay where you can either accept or decline an offer by tapping a button. If accepted, the app should prompt the buyer to propose 2 or 3 meeting locations and times.

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With eBay, unless you are "ASKING" a question, everything else is a contractual agreement, so there are consequences for not abiding to the transactions.


Currently, OfferUP is a FREE TO USE app that ONLY faciliates the POTENTIAL transaction between a seller and a buyer...NOTHING MORE. Users on OfferUP rely on the honor system, but they are testng out "listing fees" and alternative payment systems, in which case, they will be emulating eBay down the road.


BTW, having an option to..."accept or decline an offer by tapping a button. If accepted, the app should prompt the buyer to propose 2 or 3 meeting locations and times." useless without a contractual agreement, since there are no consequences.

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I'm talking about ease of use and facilitating more sales.

This app is primarily used by people who rarely sell online or in real life. So they need to be guided through the process.

If someone offers you money, it's probably a good idea to figure out where to pick up that money, don't you think?

But so many sellers that I have delt with don't do that. If a seller just says "ok" my offer, sometimes I just ignore them because they don't seem serious about making a sale.

If both parties show up at the meeting is out of anyone's control. But it should be much easier to setup a meeting because it seems like that isn't something that most sellers think about.
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I'm confused as to what you're asking for.

Could the OfferUp specific meet up spots be your solution?

All you'd have to do is provide that to the buyer.

You can simply be direct, have it ready on clipboard "I'm only taking X and we can meet at X"

You had multiple issues as far as I can tell.

I've had good interactions with people who seemingly don't know how to converse in "message form" that's just a human factor.

Making it a Tinder-esque 'decline to offer' has the potential of losing customers because they don't know how to communicate and you take it the wrong way.



This suggestion seems far too complex, you'd still hit walls with it
— my previous statement still stands.

Sounds like you just don't like dealing with people in general.

You're talking about a re-work of the entire app.
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