I feel I have no other option...

Level 3
After work today I received a shipment of computer memory, intended for a computer at work.
I have no way to test it until I go into work on Monday.
This exact same thing happened to me before, and when I tested the item on Monday it was defective, but OfferUp wouldn’t let me file a buyer protection claim because it had been 48 hours (not two business days.) So I got screwed out of $85.
So, since I can’t test the item until Monday, so I go ahead and file a claim, just in case it’s bad?
I really feel I have no other avenue.
Level 9

@Southpaw32  I see how that would be a big problem. I have memory that I put in my computer but it wasn’t compatible with my board. Yes I lost money but it was my fault for not checking before buying. Lucky for me it was compatible with another system. You should be given the business days not just 48 hours. We do need time to test.

Level 3
So now I’m trying to submit my buyer protection claim. I hit submit and nothing happens. No confirmation, no error, no screen changes, nothing.
What do I do now?
I have a screenshot of my request. But I don’t know where to send that even.
Level 9

I think @Hotrod  May be able to help you. I’m not sure what to do. Because I used his name, I think he’ll see it.