I just got scammed

My grandson and I met a potential buyer last night and he drove off with our stuff without paying.
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I accepted an offer from a buyer in Decatur, GA. I shipped out my Apple Watch with the prepaid shipping label I was provided through USPS. The buyer deactivated his account which cancelled the sale. Now I have a product shipping to Georgia and I haven’t been paid for the sale. I tried rerouting the package back to me but USPS is horrible and can’t assist me.
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Open a scam claim with support.
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Never accept checks.

Either use the shipping feature or meet in person.

Hate to be blunt, but this one is on you.

A quick search here and in google brings up results for check scams and how to avoid them.

This 'site' is not the problem.
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I'd advise meeting near a police station or well known store chain with cameras in the future.

If they ask to meet in the parking lot or anywhere else where you feel uncomfortable decline.

OfferUp also has designated areas one can meet, maybe there's one in your area.
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I don’t need you to be blunt and input your opinion. Facts are OfferUp charges to facilitate a transaction between the buyer and the seller, so they should be able to assist when there’s an issue with the transaction. They provided the prepaid shipping label to use to ship the product out. I contacted customer support yesterday as soon as I saw something had gone wrong and all they can tell me is a payment specialist will contact me and that is yet to happen.
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Hi. I just want to be sure I understand. You sent out a product but did not receive payment?
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@1Woman Offerup doesnt pay the seller until the buyer has a chance to test it out when shipping. Usually within 3 days of the seller receiving the item does the seller even stand a chance of being able to be paid.
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Two different people with two different complaints. The person with the Apple watch just needs to file a fraud complaint and they're going to eventually get their money back. OP is just out $2000+ because of their foolish decision to accept a check as payment from a random internet stranger. The check scam has been around as long as the internet.