I’m selling t shirts I made myself any tips

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@Olamontana123 Awesome! And yeah, tons of tips members can help you with. I'm going to move this thread to the Pro Tips forum so you can hopefully get some helpful tips there and read tons Smiley Happy


Just a few from me: include good descriptions when uploading your shirts, multiple high-quality photos of different details (especially since you're making these shirts yourself, show them off!), include sizes for each shirt, & make sure you are a verified TruYou member. Anyone else? Smiley Happy

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Hi @Olamontana123 😊
Great advice from @Elin just too add research your price point, answer all questions promptly, people will move on quickly if you don’t, what works for me best, I list my items at firm price, it cuts out a lot of lowball offers, you will still get offers through ask question option, don’t let your items get to old, try and re-list them three times a day, if you want a lot of action, don’t keep lowering your price people will message you then stop and wait till you drop the price, then make a offer. always message through OfferUp only, scammers like to try and get phone numbers and people personal information, don’t give out your address, meet in a public place like a coffee shop, or a safe zone police station lobby, also have a friend with you when meeting someone. Hope this helps you a little, happy sales 👍
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Hi @Olamontana123, Welcome to Our Community Forum. Great point here @Hotrod and @Elin. If you're in the market for selling customize t-shirt, I'll do my best to helps answer it. Have you try to search local area shops see how they set their prices, markets, location, what their service would be like and compare with your. How is your business is different from them? Find out as much as posible this could effect your buttom line. If you find a your uniquely way, then you'll be successful in your business. Get out to Community near you, get use to be seem, do attend local market function and find buyer there. The best advertising is "words to mouth" meaning people buy from you they do advertising for you. If you have and wants to move your market online the next things is OC. You have co.e to the right place. Do ask questions be sure to use # in front of the username to get swift responds. There are many support members in this OC. You can check out them @cyclomatic, @KSARASARA, @Shupat @Hotrod @goblin @Mark4. @StevenY too. There are tons of info helps you start it. search thru post how to be better at selling? How to Be A Pro At Our Online Community Using This Guide by @Mj_206. She is one of two managers here. You have meet and greet by @Elin. Hope this this helps. Good luck and Have a blast selling on OfferUp app.
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Olamontana123. Any interest in the music scene? Getting high visibility with local bands, groupies or fans would get eyes on your stuff. Think of your local events that you may be able to get lots of people into t-shirts and create a buzz. When it comes to OfferUp ads...great pictures, great prices. That'll help.