I moved, need to change shipping address need help

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So I moved, I’ve looked everywhere how to change my shipping address to have things shipped to me. I don’t know where to change my address so that if I want something shipped to me it will ship it to the right address can someone help?
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I believe our Customer Care team will have to change that on your behalf. You can reach out to them here!

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This appears to be an ongoing problem. I moved 2 months ago and still can't get my address changed! The last email I got from a Sr. Payment Specialist said I have to do it when some is making an offer! Well, that doesn't help if the buyer pays full price! Right now, I'm just crossing the address out and writing in the correct one. But the barcode is still for my old address, which means I'm screwed if something is returned😒.
OfferUp really needs to make this a priority!
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Crickets. I opened a ticket for this same issue and I finally got a response. It was an email asking me if I was satisfied with the resolution. At the very least, even if it is a pain, my former residence has a forwarding courtesy. I hope OfferUp doesn’t move, we would never find them.
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Hey, another email. I got a badge!!
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Hi there, @Mightyjew! Welcome to the community!
You'll want to reach out to our Customer Care team here to get that all updated!

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 1. Find an item that allows making an offer

 2. Click on MAKE OFFER

 3. See your current address - click on it

 4. Update your address

 5. Click SAVE

 6. Click CANCEL, your address change is saved