I sold and shipped an item out the next day. The buyer then deactivated their account. Am I ok?

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Level 1
It shows the money in my OfferUp account and says that I can transfer it to my bank after the package is delivered.
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Hi there, @Pipza! You should still receive the funds, even if they deactivated their account. Funds begin to transfer as soon as the offer has been accepted and scanned. Definitely reach out to our Customer Care team if you haven't already!

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Awesome. Sounds good. Thanks again for the quick response!
It shows it's not.been shipped and I shipped it

hi did you ever get  the money? or confirmaton of such? 


this just happened to me as well..  im scared.. it does show $$$ in transactions and shows shipped on public listing of my item as well...buyer deactivated their account..  


add to the misery searching similar topics and find customer service reps are incredibly inept sounding and give canned responses.. so i really have no idea.